12 thoughts on “Hum Sab Umeed Say Hain – 23 October 2010

  1. My mother tounge is not Pubjabi, I am copying words from the songs.

    The song Bar Bar Awan should sing, ” menu terey jeya super chor hor lab dha na”.
    In the time of one King (our time is not different, because our rulers have same powers, unquestionable) “makhi” fly was bothering him, he said why God created this fly, his honest and brilliant wazir said “to bother the kings” it was not just the matter of laughter but had very deep meaning, that whom no human being can dare to bother, for their “zulum” the nature do take it’s course. We have history full of these cases, today’s phirons and that phirons of Egypt have and had one thing common no one have and had little believe in God and in the day of judgement (if they have belief, can they be this “bay hess” towards the nation and the country)?, untill God put strangled hold on them, then it is too late. Nothing can correct their report book/card.

    Axactely same way PPP “shurkas” give the answers for the questions are asked like this program host is asking to Zardari, means irrelivant answers, for instant the question is about the “mehangai” PPP waley will say BB gave shahadat for people, 5 years completion,
    NFC, and if anchor person is rough tough like Dr. SM. and kamran Khan, then they will say, whatever is happenning is previous government’s fault, then my question is why the people have elected?? to tell them it is all the fault of privious governemt, they lie upon lie, to cover one lie they fabricate 100 more lies. When anchor catches them, that your government said this and now you are saying that, then they will say it is not my dept., so I don’t know. If they were the rulers of European country, the people would have beaten their A$_ for this nonsenses.

    Please must see my comments on views on news dated Oct., 22, 2010. Because it took little long time to appear on the comments list for the readers.

  2. No medical professor or Asst. professor Dr., in public civil/government hospitals (who are are paid by federal government for their duties) are present to consult and operate poor people of our society. Some decades ago when I was not from elite class I was pushed back, when it was my turn to see professor Jaffery of ENT Professor in civil hospital Karachi and a elite class person who looked at me like, I am trash, was seen before me, I can’t forget that look. I didn’t like that injustice. I doubt, if Pakistan’s new generation of elite class, are learning from indian movies to bring their pappas and mammas to right track from “mulk dushmani” or they become greater traitors than their mothers and fathers like Mir Jaffier and Mir Saddiqs (their anncesstors)??? It is their choice

  3. This Government’s shahadat repeatation drama has become paani paani, because Zordari is not presenting himself or other wazirs for “shahadat”. Means no present shadats are available to defend that they alway gave “shahadats” and no more presenting present shahadats are updated, it is injustice to the ruh of Benazir’s shahadat. Becaue in the sindh and punjab without the permission of a feudal lords (they are most powerfull peopole of they are part of the government instruments) their daughter and sister can’t marry to any man of their choice, those are poor or don’t match with their economical status, means those feudal lords don’t want to give share to their sisters and dauther’s (kaaro karri, means killing of their daughters and sister through their local custom) untill their brother- in-laws are so rich that they don’t need the property on behalf of their wives. So fathers and brothers who are feudal lord, and his property is not in jeaporty so that kinf og brotherd- in – laws are acceptable. So it is power and money greedy situation rules in Pakistan.

  4. ***untill these brother-in-laws and sons-in laws or daughterr in-laws, don’t claim in the property on behalf of their wivies or husbands they are safe and not bothered, according to the feudal style actions in Pakistan and in other countries. Once their sisters or daughters belongs to Sindh or Punjab or in Balochistan claim their rights, they become victims of “kaaro Kaari” and other revenges, which is international crime.

  5. This “chor” government prior to the elections, made false promises with our people that if they come in power they will do this and that still drone attacks are going on, insecure, our public is food less after 2 and 3/4 years of democracy. Kia tumhari Jembouryat khan-e-ko aur ilaj ko kuch nahi deyti? lanat hot assi jembouryat per.

  6. The sons and daughters of elites, who want to fight against old decaying feudal system of Pakistan. Pleasae fight against feudal system of Pakistan, for your love and your love ones. Reject “kaaroo Kaaree” punishment to marrying of your choice. We as Pakistani Reject, Kaaro Kaari feudal system punishment of Sindhi, Balochistani and of Panjabi landlords
    for their beneift to protect their lands they don’t allow anybody to marry their daughter or sister to be shareholder in their properties. for which these land lords don’t care to kill their brothers, sisters, daughters and brother in-laws. whoever comes in their way.

  7. I am not Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, or Pakhtun Khuwa. I am only Pakistani, would anybody ask you before killing you whether you are sindhi, mohajir, pakhtoon or balochie???

  8. salam

    hum sab umeed se hain is probably the best comedy show of the pakistani media. considering the current situation, this is the most relevant comic show. dr. younis butt is a great thinker. very good, constructive and relevant comedy.


    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis

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