8 thoughts on “Choraha – 6 November 2010

  1. To all the expats friends on this forum; request your family members in Pakistan to hold their electric bills for November.

  2. i am very impressed by the well thoughtful comments by the dr.lal khan (though listen him very first time)on the gambit of issues including capatalism,democracy and prevaling political class in Pakistan.

    I suggest u guyz to listne him carfully ad try to understand depth of issue he raised in this short programme.

    the other guy dr.pervaiz was equally unimpresive, he might be not good speaker though he is a former chief economist of Pakistan.

    Mr yasir perzada represent the brand democracy like in every department of our beloved country.his only qualification is he is son of att ul haq qasmi ad nothing else.he is miserably failed to understand the nature of programme and leaned on same stupid observations and questions.ths guest like dr.lal khan deserve very well prepared anchor to ask relevant wuestion that would clear the topic and eleborate the discussion in more productive way.

    look at the his starting comments of programme about his displeasure about hte shape of “sanghara”.how pathetic he is …..!

  3. Nothing will change in Pakistan, (because prevllege/elite class kay moun gharib public kay khoon ki kamai lag gai hey) unless someone comes and slaughter 50 corrupt Bast**ds each day. Like in China they produce corrupt governmental people in the morning before the firing squad, China didn’t become economical superpower without serious meajours, and what kind of democracy China has? But their people are millions times more prosperious than our people. Make mendatory for all future rulers to do critical watch dog system on all government employee’s A to Z working side by side at all the time. So after that cleaning, you bring any system, you like. I have been always telling that no matter how good the system you bring for the your government, but if rulers are not honest with that system it will not work at all, like we had millitary rules and we had and have civilian rules, both failed, (what kind of democracy China has?? But see how much their people are prosperious, which got indepdence after us, see where they are and what we are?)for evidence see United Nation Report on prosperity (khushaali) of commen men of countrywise, Today Pakistan is in the last of the list out of 110 countries our number is 109. Thanks to Zardari & Co. But unfortunately UNO didn’t published the report on prosperity of elites and the rulers of the world, our rulers will be definately on number one. Zardari is in 10 filthy richiest people of the world list, but his country in on the last of the list for public prosperity. Kia Qaber may lay ker jao gay ya sonay ki Qaber banoa gay”?

  4. Accept this is Good Show, this good show is not going to change anything for the public, “aamal say banaty hey zindagi janet bi jahanum bi, yeh khaaki apni fitrat say na noori hey na naari” Agar kaam kiay baghair sirf baton say hi dunya ka nizam chata, toh PPP ki government sub say kaamyab tarin government hoti, aur her Pakistani kay paas car, best suits, meals in 5 stars hotels, aur banglow hota (the way they make and made false promises and talk on TV about the prosperity of people of Pakistan). Kia jhembouriyat khaana deti hey? Kapray deti hey? Kia makkan deti hey?

    No matter how bad was Ayub’s time for politicians only, but that was industrial boom time, everybody had job, not only that our banking system was best in the world, European countries used to send their officers to get educated in Pakistan. At that time Germany asked Ayub to give 2 lakhs Pakistani men for permanent settlement in Germany, because they had loosed their big size of their male polulation in world war II, but we didn’t need their money, and at that time I remember no one liked to go abroad to work and 1 $ used to be equal of Rs. 3/=. Bhutto told Ayub once kutta, he stepped down immediately (whereas today I don’t know what people, call these democractic rulers, who should have prestige or morality compare to army dictator, but they are still standing like “Qutub Minar”). After nationalization of private industries by Bhutto (who took the revenge from industrialists, because they didn’t cooperate with him in the elections) now they become government servants they stopped working, and they put their names on machines, that this is my machine if I work or not it is my “merazi” and they started selling parts of the industries one by one, after sometimes industrial complex used to have bounderies only, but no machinery or any kind of production inside, and these kaam chor government servants still used to get their salaries and benefits. Finance and industrialists flew away from Pakistan, some settled in Canada, and some in Europe. And this is how chapter of Pakistani industrialization age closed down. Now same chor politicians buying lucrative government industries with their “paaltu” front men.

    Bottom Line: Just Talks without actions, will not change the misearable condition of our common men, which is been going on for the last 3 years. If anybody can show me, just by talking he/she can change the worst tarin situation of our country and commen men, I am ready to sign that I will be his/her slave for the rest of my life. Come on.

  5. Yasir Pirzada is a stupid person.Jang Group always rais the issue against SIFARISH but here in this show the group has a SIFARSHI (Yasir Pirzada),he is a son of Atta ul Huq otherwise he dosent de3serve to be in Jang Group ,i dont know how Hasan Nisar tolerate him ,Hasan should kick him out from this program.I watch this program because of Hasan Nisar otherwise this Qasami,s son just a childish brain.

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