22 thoughts on “Dunya Today – 8 December 2010

  1. I totally agreed with Ayesha Ijaz and Mr.Musharraf Zaidi this is not conspiracy, Badly exposed American double standards I don’t understand “Chamcha” Journalist Ansar Abbasi give rubbish arguments.

  2. mr. ansar abasi .. dont you have any manners……… listen up man do listen

    and marvi memon sahiba listen listen listen……..

  3. @Zoab Khan_ but I am shocked that Ansar Abbassi still thinks that “Wikileaks” is somehow an American conspiracy? and someone educated from LSE like Marvi Memon supports his idiotic ideas…what is happening to them? what is wrong in the way these who live inside Pakistan think? are they in total disconnect with the reality around them? Ayesha Ejaz from London and this new person, Mosharraf Zaidi or something was good and sounded very educated..but this Ansar Abbassi the crusader against America..24/7?

  4. Marvi Memon (PML-Q) and Ansar Abbasi (Analyst) both need to see a shrink.

    The fault lies with Dr. Moeed Pirzada for inviting these two who are paranoid to the nth degree.

  5. Hence it is proved now, may be Ansar Abbasi is a good reporter but he is not able to speak and

    also his Analysis is based on very week ground thats why he started to give reference of

    Quranic Verses without any context only to prove his argument !!

  6. Analysis should be based on some variables, i dont think that it is the right way if some one

    like Ansar Abbasi will say my heart is saying or i have the gut feelings that this wiki leaks are a

    conspiracy !!!

  7. Dr. I am very disappointed with Ansar Abbasi, please do not call him next time !!!

    He started to do کج بحثی KUJ BAHSEE !!!

  8. Sorry guys now i started but this will be the last one !!!

    You know what was the argument of Ansar American are very innocent, he repeatedly said this to just make fun of Musharaf arguments, i mean what the fuck is this yar !!!

    Must watch this you will know that if these leaks are conspiracy or mistake !!

  9. Ansar Abbasi is losing respect day by day. A real conspiracy theorist and paranoid. And doesn’t let anybody speak!!!! And doesn’t listen! Nonsense.

    Marvi Memon is too clever to be peddling this conspiracy theory. My take is that she is just having fun at our expense.

  10. Julian/Wikileaks are tools that are being manipulated by the CIA and Co to use it as propaganda against various Muslim countries Like Pakistan,Iran and Turkey so that they are more complient towards the West and give in to they preposterous demands like giving up they nuclear programs and not denouuncing the Isreali Terrorists for they Mass Genocide of Palestinians,

  11. Ansar has lost his marbles. He is behaving cynic and a super paranoid. He perceives whole world as anti-Muslims and some time refer to Quran even out of context. He says ‘Wiki Leaks’ is a conspiracy against Muslim Umma to destabilizing them. Zardari also brands his government corruption stories as ‘Conspiracy against Democracy’. So what’s the difference between Ansar and Zardari? Probably he is apoplectic because wiki leaks have also exposed the real face of his ‘Master’ Saudis.


  12. Dear Musharraf,
    Don’t be frustrated.you are talking to a representative of those who see conspiracy in every truth to hide all their failures.These intellectually bankrupts are doing it for the last many hundred years.They have not contributed anything to the mankind for the last many hundred years.They are defeated mentality.They are unable to face the truth that only scientific civilization will progress.Allah gives the power and respect only to those who believe in his laws.The result of his laws are clear.You can see who is super power.when they have nothing to say then they bring Allah and religion in the discussion.
    Their concept of religion is so poor that they start comparing Allah with America.
    If this mental dwarf can read the geography of 4th class,he will come to know that there are three billion galaxies in the universe and Allah is creator of this universe.This defeated mentality is comparing America with God just to defend his jahalat.

    Allah is much greater than these comparisons.

  13. @Pointblank_ Very well said! I fully agree with you and with the feelings of many others above. This was really a very powerful program, Dr Pirzada probably wanted to take discussion to expose the hypocrisy of the US foreign policy towards press & internet freedom, but little did he realize that his simple question at the outset will end up exposing the ignorance and idiocy of Ansar Abbassi, the caveman of Pakistan..discussion was brilliant because of the powerful contrast it produced between Mosharraf Zaidi, Ayesha khan and Moeed Pirzada on one hand and Ansar Abbassi and Marvi Memon on the other..

  14. I used to respect Ansar Abbasi but now I think he really needs to learn some manners and learn how to behave in a civil debate. And also I am not sure why we always believe in conpiracy theories?
    Marvi Memon,,,,, My God she is such a moran.

  15. Ansar Abbasi may be good professional Journalist but as an analyst,he is such a dumb man,whose only agenda is to “Promote conspiracy theories and side with fanatic/fundamentalist school of thought to bash western world on every issue.”In this current program,he showed his true face…Such are remnants of zia-ist theology of religion.

  16. Ansar Abbassi has proved that he also beleives in the theory that everything happening in the world is because of america… whatever they say or do is just a conspiracy…
    He has been pathetic in this programme

  17. Why are people surprised at Ansaar Abbasi?

    What do you expect from a lowly urdu-medium educated, shameless, rightist jamaati munafiq who has a nervous system of an earthworm.

  18. oh God —– didn’t realize ansar abbasi and marvi were so dumb. its beyond belief. My Chowkidar in the village has more brains than these two combined and he has never gone to school.

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