23 thoughts on “Choraha – 1 January 2011

  1. Have never seen or heard anyone in Punjab dare sit and talk so openly against Pak Fauj Generals. Unheard of. Thanks to Musharraf for bringing the true face of army generals in front of the masses. The real strength of the army evolves from Punjab and that support resulted in army take overs for the last 60 years. The errorsion of this support from Punjab is a real set-back to the generals.

    I think the tide is changing and we are truly looking at a country that will progress in the future. The next step is for politicians to cut drastically the budget of Na-Pak army and give the money to the poor masses of Pakistan instead of these scumbags.

  2. Musharraf was a very bad and ill intentioned leader however free media is his biggest gift to this nation.
    Hassan nisar is anti muslim as usual.
    To bring shamaila rana the chor was for what?

  3. نثار اور اسکے حواريوں کو سانئس کی اے بی سی بہی نہيں آتی ليکن ہر بار يہ سانئس سے متعلق نان سِنس بولتے ہيں

  4. Totally true. Hassan Nisar had to chew his words a number of times… Kamran Shafi bold him clean.
    The Giant Squid said:

    Kamran Shafi totally owned Hassan Nisar today. Love him.

  5. People like Kamran Shafi give strength to terrorism, he forgets that as per Laws of the land and our Religious teachings every one should be treated equally.
    We never learn a lesson, every one is trying to please Zain Bugti, he was caught with load of arms and ammunitions and he is certainly a terrorist, why should we treat him differently than any other terrorist.
    Rangers commander grabbed him by the neck and pushed him in the car because Zain Bugti refused his orders and was swearing at the him.
    Unfortunately he is now being treated as a celeberity by Nawaz Sharif, Altaf Hussain and Gillani, these leaders are wrong, they are simply approving the terrorist activities of Bugti and his clans.

    We can try our best to please Bugti, Muree and mengals but the Killings of Punjabi speaking will continue and the movement for independent Balochistan will gain more strength.

  6. Hasan Nisar is not anti muslim but tries for us to become a true muslim by shedding the bigotry fed bu the religious brigade. He wants us to follow the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed (PUBH) and not the Mullahs.

  7. Mr. Hasan Nissar is a genious, a gem, and a very suitable person even to lead the country to the right direction. Persons like him are always wasted in the country of studpid and idiot politicians and oppertunistas whose only aim is to make the money and leave the country.

    Mr. Hasan Nissar, I admire your honesy, descency and courage. Keep up good work.

    And yes ! I like your show very much. Wish you all the best in the years to come.

  8. Hassan Nisar is a SOB, paid by foreign power, lambasting muslims all the time, lives in his posh house in acres, drives the best cars and then talks about “poor people”, drenching pakistanis in hopelessness all the time. Supports MQM regardless.

  9. Hasan Nisar is right , this is dirty politicions who sold the counrty and has more cruelity than 90,s. This is politicion who go to GHQ to beg and sell himself. Why ARMY could not bought Imran Khan ? its mean if politicions dont want to sell themself nobody can buy them but these ANIMALS always are available for sale.

  10. @Baawi

    Agreed with you 100%
    Hassan Nisar looked fake to me from the very beginning.
    With all his money,house, cars and the tv show, I bet he never spends a dime on poor people, not even a glass of water for thirsty.
    If I remember correctly, he once mentioned in one of his articles that he has 6 servants in his house.
    I have a gut feeling, they are all being treated very badly. He looks like that kind. If you could do a little research and let us know.

  11. Target killings of punjabis in balochistan are an understandable REACTION to injustice and discrimination against the baloch.

    The big province must take the responsibility of reconciling with the baloch. During this process, casualties have to be tolerated untill the matter is fully resolved.

  12. Hassan Nisar is a courageous and intelligent guy with wisdom; some people do not like him because he calls spade a spade. I think it is a blessing to have a bright columnist like Hasan Nisar who is not for sale in our decaying corrupt society.
    There is no comparison between Hassan Nisar and Kamran Shafi at all. Kamran Shafi who claims to be an authority in Armed Forces affairs has served with the Army for a short period of time as a junior instructor with a low rank. I think he believes that blaming condemning and scolding our Armed Forces will make him a popular and recognized columnist, he is absolutely wrong.

  13. Hasan Nisar talking about liquor is a joke. This guy is half drunk near evening time. His sister was well rewarded in karachi by MQM mafia and since then he has been a mouth pirce of MQM. With his wealth, he can help some poor at least who he is writing columns about all the time. This guy is real fake. He is also dead against Imran Khan ridiculing him all the time.

  14. Hasan Nisar has personal reason to dislike Imran Khan and Imran Khan will not stop his journy because of barking of some animals and thousand Geedar can not do nothing to LION Imran Khan. One day Hasan Nisar will write colum on Prime Minister Imran Khan(INSHAHALLAH).

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