18 thoughts on “Khabar Naak – 16 January 2011

  1. What a great show. Keep up the good work. I think Mukhber Ala complained to Geo Mangement his picture has been changed.

  2. @ baawi
    Allah Khush Rakhe. They bring a great smile to my face at the end of the week. Thanks to the team of Khabarnak.

    ہم سے تو بھانڈ اچھے ہیں. کم از کم آپکے چہرے پر مسکراہٹ لا کر دعائیں تو لیتے ہیں

    🙁 🙁

  3. pakwas show

    so boring

    Ab iss Aftab ko samaj aa raha ha ka Hasb-e-haal chor kar kya galti kar baitha.
    Taukabar insaan ko ly doobta ha.

    Uss ky cheray sy saaf pata chal raha ka he is not happy with all this set-up. Banawati Hansi aur over comedy sy show nahi chala karta.

    Azizi ka sunday wala show main sirf Hillary aur Halbrook wala item hee iss puray show sy kaian guna acha ha.

    Sacha kisi ny kaha. Insaan ko izaat aur kuttay ko ghee kabi raas nahi aata

  4. There is fine line between Making Fun of Politicians and Insulting them….

    I don’t get one thing,why racist comments are allowed to be aired and used a funny Joke???

    Extremely Disgusting Programme !!! Typical Punjabi Racist Minds towards Pakhtoons..

    I dunno what PEMRA is doing about such morally lower minded shows…

    If it was me,I would have taken them to court and won’t rest until this show was off the air.

    Already we have problems in Pakistan,let alone to go on racist rampage like that…

  5. salam

    there r many objectionable things in this show which fall in the category of insult/disgrace rather than comedy but there is no racism for pakhtoons in this show. many politicans from punjab have been mimicked in this show and virtually all of them received the same treatment.
    now u mentioned about ”typical punjabi racist mind towards pakhtoon”.
    can u shed some light on this statement of urs, what racist minds punjabis have got for any other ethinic group.
    let me tell u a truth here. there was pathan who used to live in balochistan (quetta) later he moved to punjab and settled there with his family, he made many punjabi friends once he discussed openly that when he was in quetta, there were ppl including him who have never liked punjabis and the cannot tolerate any punjabi prominent govt. official in quetta, further he said that in his locality in quetta there was a punjabi officer of grade 20 probably, he said one day him with his other friends and ppl entered the house of that officer by force and threw away the his luggage and from his house only because that office was punjabi. having heard this thing his punjabi friends didn’t fight with him neither did they curse him rather they tried to make him understand calmly, another punjabi officer who i know was killed in quetta during his stay in a hotel and having heard that no punjabi in my area started cursing balochs or pathans. let me tell u that ppl from everywhere in pakistan live very peacefully and without any discrimination in punjab, whereas this is not the case in other provinces.

    for racism kindly listen to the speech of shahi syed from ANP who is sitting in mardan house karachi. once he was addressing to pathans in karachi, just listen to that neutrally then u’ll come to know that what racism is.
    we as a nation should come out of this shell of ethinicity.

    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis.

  6. @ukpaki

    Was it not racist to air a comment that “Why your party’s Intikhabi Nishan is not Naswar”???
    Its like i tell MQM why your Intikhabi Nishan is not Pan??

    Secondly was it not ill-moral to connect Asfandyar Wali to sadist Homo-sexual???
    Have you ever seen them refering that to any punjabi ???
    There are as many people in punjab and any where else doing same heinous thing as in any other place.

    Third Point is this old mention of Mussarat Shaheen,there is hardly less than 1% of pakhtoons who would have seen these movies in their life but you would connect every pakhtoon with her.
    Although by far more vulgar movies and stage drammas are made in Punjab.But never seen them connecting that to all punjabis…I saw loads of people were so angry at MQM waseem akhtar for calling punjab”ke har ghar mein mujray hote hai”.

    But no one would bother if these connotation being used against Pakhtoons.

    Iam not against any cast,but one should respect and treat everyone equally.

    Lastly question of Shahi Syed,Altaf Hussain,PPP And Sunni Tehreek in Karachi….
    They are all killers….MQM for start created ghettos for Urdu Speaking in Karachi,No Go areas…And then other forces went ahead to claim a piece of pie.
    I was listening to Altaf Hussain’s Speech for Punjab.”Oye Jageer Daroo..tumhari list ban gayi hai and BORI ka intezam hum kar daingay”.
    This is the level to which politics have been brought in Karachi.If you don’t do complete operation clean up against all these so called Stake Holders.This thing will stay And people like Gabool,Altaf Hussain,Shahi Syed etc will boom in that Metropolitan city.

  7. salam
    brother, our pakhtoon brothers r very patriotic and brave ppl but they r way too sensitive as well. i had some pakhtoon friends in pakistan, they were very fine ppl but i realized that they were a bit sensitive about their pakhtoon identity.
    as far as this program is concerned, they often cross their limits, that’s what i tried to explain to u that even the punjabi politicians who have been mimicked in previous programs, more or less same things were discussed about them. so, don’t think, this program was aimed at pakhtoons, they do it with everyone. although we all hate our politicians whether punjabi, sindhi, pakhtoons, urdu speakers, balochis but the way they do jugat bazi and do the other things, that is very irritating and most of the times not enjoyable.

    u also made few points about punjabi stage dramas and u compared it with pashto movies. these punjabi stage dramas have damaged the habits and moral values of youngsters to a great deal and who denies this thing.
    yes i agree with u that an operation clean up is required in karachi, (i have also discussed this things various times on this forum) to clean the mess and filth produced by the ppl gabool, shahi syed and altaf hussain.

    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis.

  8. This guy cannot think of anything productive instead of calling this one daft in fifferent roles. And audience seems like more daft when they question them as they questioning the real personality. Nothing impressive about this show

  9. Aftab Iqbal is 101% right, the way corrupt (bast**ds) people being looting Pakistan for the last 60 years, if there was a country with A-1 economy of the world, could have been finished by now, but by the grace of Almighty, they couldn’t finish Pakistan, but still exists!!! It’s, itself is a mericle, That is why. I am 101% sure, Pakistan will exist will the end of this world.

    Aftaf Iqbal or this program is not racists, He/They brings punjabi PM Gilani “dammy” jokes (every week), punjabi Chawdry Shujahat etc’s., jokes in their shows.

  10. Hi all,
    This is a comedy show and we are supposed to have some sense of humour while watching it. There are loads of jokes about sikhs, pathaans etc. It exists everywhere, here in France, we have lots of jokes treatings belgians as stupid people, and belgians have the same sort of jokes about the swiss, but nobody treats the other as racist. In Pakistan, we get too serious about everything. It would be so boring if one has to be politically correct all the time. I request my pathaan brothers to share their jokes about punjabis with us, I’d love to laugh even it portrays the punjabis as the most stupid on the earth (but the joke must be funny).
    So chill out and laugh, it’s so rare to get some hillarious news from our beloved country, most of the time it’s rather frustrating .
    To change the tone, I’d like to share a joke with you:

    Two Belgians rented a boat to go fishing.
    During the fishing party, one of them says:
    – This place is very good for fishing, we should make an X in the bottom of the boat to mark the spot!
    The second responds:
    – Are you crazy or what? Perhaps, we will not have the same boat next time!


  11. I am surprised at the remarks of Aftab Iqbal, when he said that after 1947 India received an established country which was thousands of years old, and India did not have to do any thing to uplift and make the country where it is now. Aftab Bhai, I am not trying to be bias, or want to give my opinion as an Indian. I am more Pakistani than Indian because no matter where in the world, I go and live, my country of birth is not going to change. I am first Pakistani and then Canadian, where I live now.

    Aftab Sahib, Pakistan did not get a new country.Pakistan was as old as India, when it was created. Had everything what the leaders of that time asked for. It was the same country, just was devided into three parts. Paksitan had the same oppertunities like India had. There are multifold reasons that Pakistan did not make it just like India has made or still making. Forgetting about India, just think about Pakistan now and compare with Bangladesh. When Pakistan was further devided, Bangalis did not have too much either to work with , but with right leadership and hardwork, they have lifted the country up and doing it so day and night.

    Yes the key word is LEADERSHIP. Unfortunately Pakistan never had good leaders. If there were any, they were either kicked out of the country or assassinated. The making of Bangladesh was also a blunder committed by wrong leaders of the time. People still remember and quote the words ” HUM YAHAN TUM WAHAN “. Some people may call Mr. Bhutto ‘shahid’, but in the international community, Bhutto’s name and period should be considered BLACK TIME OF THE HISTORY OF PAKISTAN. People give their lives to defend their countries, and Mr. Bhutto gave away a limb of the body of Pakistan to keep his chair as the prime minister of Pakistan.

    I agree with Aftab for one thing, that once the country gets a RIGHT AND HONEST leader, the country will and can survive with all hardships and problems. My question is, when and where this leader will come from. The modern leadership, either in the govt. or opposition will not let anybody come forward and take their positions. When Mr. Nawaz Sharif says that now it is your turn, next will be our turn. In this kind of situation and mantality of the politicians, how can a RIGHT AND HONEST leader can come in the light.

    The only thing I can and ask every Pakistani to do is to pray with your clean heart to create a MOHJAZA in the country. Amin……………..

    Pakistan Zinda Bad. Pakistan Paindabad.


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