13 thoughts on “Choraha – 29 January 2011

  1. This is what is needed now by all the anchors. We know the problems. Now bring somebody to talk about…. How to built back to cut our losses.

  2. Pakistanvideo

    I agree. The only critically missing element is whether we have the leadership (current or potential replacement) that can take serious measures and implement the solutions.

    The 4 types os ministers discussed in the program was very true.

    Black Sheep sahib,

    The introduction of program was all about “dreams”, “shalle we dream” as discussed by you in one of the other thread. Seems your thought process was on same path as this program

  3. @ hypocrite

    میں نے یہ پروگرام نہیں دیکھا
    مجھے نہیں پتا پروگرام میں کیا ہے
    میں صرف اِتنا کہتا ہوں کہ خواب ضرور دیکھیں مگر حقیقت کو فراموش مت کریں

  4. Both seems credible and professional ecomonists but both have completely different views and they seems like real situation and solution but who to accept and who to reject?
    Excellent show overall….Salute to hasan nisar.

  5. Hassan Nisar is a paid MQM columnist, read his today’s and multiple such absurd columns in jang. Pseudo intellectual, pathetic anti islamic creep.

  6. This is probably the best programme that I have seen. The presenter and the guest were all respectable and expressing their views on their turn and not iterupting each other. I wish the rest rest of the country was as well organised, then all the problems will be resolved. People have learn to respect others. The country is suffering from the curent cultural problems.

  7. Very nice n impressive debate.
    Who’s paid n not genuine not very important for the time being
    the important thing is that what they’re telling us the facts about the economic collaps,poltical collaps n moral ,social evils …..we must have to aware of all of these
    Problems n Evils….n try to make our mind for making our visiuon clear to choose someone
    anyone can be hypocrit or biased but If letting us know some important facts about
    our country n letting us know abt the corruption of our politicians n wrong policies
    of GOVT. n we wtill think that ….this person is fake n that one is fake…..n again cast our vote to the SAME kinda PPL than WE really DESERVE These EVILS these POLITICIANS to
    rule on PAK.

  8. Very informative and interesting discussion which show both the sides of of the economic picture. Other anchors should try to learn and improve from this programme.

  9. Soon a dollar will be more than Rs. 100/=, Bhai, economy ka beraa garaq ker kay, neyk aur acchay economist be empolyeed hire ker liay toh kiya hogaa? Kia woh jadooger hein, kay murdha economy ko zindha kerdien gay, in presence of millions of corrupt government servants, who are eating up our economy day by day like termides and parasites.

    Comparing Pakistan’s economy with Uzbakistan and Zambarawe, it is our governments nalaiqi, because of which we are in this situation.

  10. All they talk BS above, simply government has to do two things number one, collect direct taxes from everyone rich (feudal lors, industrialist & rich elite) and poor according to their earnings, number two stop corruptions in government owned institutes, by sevier punishment to law breakers. I guarantee in year time, a dollar will be Rs. 60/=, if government is honest to the nation.

  11. In Mushi era AWAM was eating at least,we dint have problem of daily basis things,what the hell we need to be understand ECONOMICS ? People need to eat,we dont want to listen PROBLEMS of recession(for GOVT,s own personal problems there r river of dollers,eruros) only exuses and excuse , if some one thinks this cruel Vampires govt will solve our problems he lives in DREAMS.

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