4 thoughts on “Choraha – 12 February 2011

  1. few days ago there was a guy in audience in khabarnak show who said they went to a BABA who guarantee “InshAllah Beta”….they gave them 2 bakray but at the end they had a baby girl……..lakh lakh lanat aisi soch pe ke kuch parhay likhay log bhi aisi chezon pe believe kartay hein

  2. The Question which concern humanity for so long is what is society for? How should society be organised? What are the human rights and freedom and how they relate to nature and religion a human life is a story told by God.

    These Questions about the Goal of Life and what it is for. Since the birth of different religions, they are trying to answer these Questions but unfortunately have failed. We build community out of crisis and we build community by accident, but we do not know how to build community by design .

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