13 thoughts on “Khabar Naak – 27 February 2011

  1. آج کا شو بہت ہی آچھا ھے ۔ریمنڈ ڈیوس کے ساتھ کُتے کھانی بھی کی گئی ھے ؛ُ

  2. salam
    according to a report of transparency international, police is the most corrupt institution of pakistan. lately i think their salaries have been increased but before that it was extremely hard for a cop to survive in that salary with his family. moreover, many of the top officials of police r recruited on political basis. however, elite force and motorway police r bit more professional and efficient in comparison with convential police. level of corruption in motorway police is on the lower side which is indeed a healthy thing.

    as for this raymond davis, he can reveal many secrets, many connections. if punjab govt. demonstrates a bit courage and if davis is interrogated severly by using third degree b police or not even third degree, he himself will tell the whole story of their plan of devastation for pakistan.

    aftab looks so arrogrant in his way of talking, style and the way he admonishes others. as a host of a show he should be polite and humble. before taking a break he always says with arrogance khawateen o hazrat stay with us, what’s that does he pass orders to audience, can’t he add pls and bit humbleness while saying that, he needs to learn alot, his overall conduct as a host is not appropriate and appreciable and also amanullah and sakhawat also should not be that blunt while making ju gat . they still need to lift the standard of this show.

    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis

  3. Corrupt government servants (whether they are in police, Steal Mills, PIA, PNSC or any other government department) honest government servants unnki (although there are only few) eyes may “khatak tay hein” aur inn ki tazali kertien hein yeah corrupt Bast**ds.

  4. اس شو میں ہنستے مسکراتے خوب صورت چہرے دیکھ کر بھی جن لوگوں
    کے چہرے پر مسکراہٹ نہیں آتی ؛وہ قبروں میں جا کر لیٹ جایں آور مردوُں
    کو کہیں کہ آکر شو دیکھیں ۔ خدا کی پناہ آپ لوگ اندر سے جھلس گئے ھیں
    میں جب بھی بمیار ھوتا ھوں کیسی اسے ہی کوُچے کی طرف نکل جاتا ھوں ۔
    خیر ھو آپکی

  5. really a vry nyc show it is growing day bday keep it up.
    plz tell the name of this person dummy remond he has a great qualities

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