10 thoughts on “Choraha – 5 March 2011

  1. Right!
    No one has any right to block the roads ,trrafic,Burn the cars and Shops.
    Our Nation does’nt have manners or does’nt know the rightious way to protest
    But the question is how long it’s been that Our Nation feels free to talk about any
    It’s been how long that Our Media started giving us “News” in a prooper or i’d say
    in a better way.
    Hope we will learn the better way to protest and raise our voice for our Rights in
    a Propper way soon,But 1st Our Nation Needs Food,Flood Victims are still living
    in Camps they need Shelter,It’s Cold in some areas n they need propper dress to cover
    themselves..and then Education,so that we our ppl can learn that how to raise voice
    for the their Rights,a better way to Protest against Our Corrupt Politicians.

  2. This Hassan Fishaar dude is suffering from bipolar disorder he can never smile never appreciate anything …he should be fed on anti-depressant to cure his disease…. he should take a day off and enjoy some carnal pleasures to get back to his senses…. Hassan Fishaar Stop polluting our tv screens with your sob stories!

  3. well said by rabia bajwa by giving shutup call to hasan nisar that MQM is not a political party. when this sold anchor hasan try to praise mqm as a progressive party rabia give shut up call that i am talking about political progressive parties not terrorists

  4. There is a law of physics.
    If you yourself or let people around you throw a stone straight up; it will come down and possibly hit you or someone else on the ground.
    Similar spiritual law applies with respect to injustice.
    If you yourself or let others, including government, participate in unjust acts; injustice will happen to you and rest of the country. Innocent are not spared.
    Take “Justice” out of Islam, nothing is left except for rituals.
    Over last many decades, numerous stones have been thrown, while most of nation has kept quite. Those stones are now coming down and will continue to come down until enough citizens have courage to stop the process of throwing.

  5. i like this man Hassan Nassar, he is so right and expressive, all he says is truth and bitterness in his talk shows his sincerity and pain for the nation. This was very nice intelectual debate. NICE SHOW

  6. Hasan Nisar is a sic person,impressed by WEST and depressed.Its true that we have problems but we should try to make things better or we should just crying and sit at TALK SHOWS ? he never tells the solution, always weaping ,crying and crying,this is solution ? he should go for rest at leat for 1 year.

  7. america is ur enemy..they ll do whatever they can…hats off to hassan nisar…finished the debate in 2 lines…u cant complain to ur enemy…be realistic guys

  8. yes its true that Hasan Nisar never allows speak to any body,he speaks solo and never let explain anyone,he is self admired person,he thinks that he is the last source of knowldge .why he dosent go abroad for living ? if he dosent like Pakistan and Pakistanies why he lives here ? he should go to London to his MASTERS, Altaf Inqalabi and Mush,three inqalabi can bring inqilab from London.THREE IDIOTS.

  9. Well i use to hate hasan nisar aswell but wotever the problem he cries for it explains the solution itself……..he always mentioned the lack of education and diferent education systems so wots the solution? Every one knows except policy makers….

    He always moans why nation choose these haram khor politicians so wots the solution? He alwYs tells it that the least corrupt always gets the least votes… Is it his fault? He is doing his duty and its our duty to translate it try to apply things on our daily life……i am the biggest hater of altaf retard and his party but if you ever manage to see their management its astonishing…..every mohala has a super viser then on top of them there is one who controls few supervisors then on top there are few who controls those few and so…. Its a pyramid and they are into roots of khi city which is the most harmfull thing could be happen to it……ppl join them bcz they have fear of life as if they wont they are answerable to their mohala supervisor and thats how things go on…..ppl lives in khi may know better than me but please do not abuse to very few ppl we got left who trying to open our eyes but yet no success….. I hope no one is offended by my comments except altaf lovers….

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