16 thoughts on “Choraha – 12 March 2011

  1. hasan nisar is a self praised person which like to think everyone except himself as animal. criticism is good but to give a hope in the hours of darkness is a great deed eventhough the hurdles are still their.

  2. Pakistan’s Oligarchy democracy and theFeudal system. In democracy it’s your vote that counts; in feudalism it’s your count that votes. Democracy is when the indigent and not the men of property are the rulers

    All the Pakistani Feudal politicians and beneficiaries of so called Embryonic Democracy unfortunately, are blowing the same old trumpet of western style democracy to the Pakistani uneducated Masses which do not have a clue of functional democracies. Democracy works were Social Economic and Educational opportunities are equally available, unfortunately in Pakistan educational social and economic equality is nonexistent.
    Insanity: Keep on electing the same people over and over again and expecting different results.
    It’s not the rulers who are strong it’s the ruled who are weak

  3. یہ بندہ مھجے آچھا نہیں لگتا میں پہلے کبھی کبھی کالم پڑ لیا کرتا تھا ۔ جب سے اس نے یہ
    شو شروع کیا ھے ۔میں نے اب کالم بھی پڑنا چھوڑ دیا ھے ۔

  4. oh please guys, i love this man, he is so spontaneous and truthful, he just shows us our picture in a condemnatory way. if our picture is like that, what he can do?

    i do believe that he is rude to others sometime but i will ignore this aspect, because he is very best over all.

  5. Hasan Nisar,NazirNaji,Najam Sethi,,are black mailers.Hasan never moves from his DRAWING ROOM and criticise to all who are on the road to make better Pakistan,he lives in his palace with many servants,writtes colums and earns a handsome remuneration,he is like his IDEAL altaf inqalabi who wants to bring inqalab from London(sitting like a don).Without moving fisically how we can change the society,he criticise on all but never participats a rally or demostration,even he did not participate the movement of lawers,what a hipocrasy of every famous figure in Pakistan,in every field,in every department.About the plot he mentioned its not fact,he twisted the matter.

  6. News that 45 million votes were bogus points to Musharraf ,because he wanted to exit with guard of honor, he wanted the status quo so nobody could question him. What is the difference between BB, Nawaz and him when he is living outside his country, what is he afraid off if he did everything by the book.???????

    The religious right has decimated Islam by being hypocrtical all the time. All they focus is Hell and Heaven. They dare not talk about Blasphemy law or discuss it, or have a second opinion , they kill you before you utter a word or disgree with them, shahzad Bhatti, Salman Taseer are recent examples , God only knows how many they have killed in the name of Islam. Is this Islam. I am ashamed to be a Muslim in their midst, they would rather mind the business of others than their own.

  7. well it may be possible that 45 millions votes are bogus because the figure has been released by Election Commission of Pakistan and Nadra, we should think about it.
    this may be big issue in near future.

  8. If Gaddari can kill his wife why not he or his MASTERS can forged the votes,every one knows that the WILL is false but every one has got his share(Haddi) ,if PPP gove is not intrested to catch th culprits then who ? PMLN ? MQM ? SHAHEED is a trump card of Gadari, he will never let to investigate her murder.

  9. يه سالا بات تو اشرافيه كيه خلاف كرتا هي مكًًر اس كا مايندسيت خود كسي بيغيرت قسم كي جاكًيردار كي طرح هي عوام كو بيوقوف بناتا هي سالامنافق  

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