7 thoughts on “Do Tok – 24 April 2011

  1. I respect Marvi Memon, she is amoung the few good politicians in Pakistan, she is honest and sincere with people of Pakistan. Every word she said is true. Whey PMLQ and PMLN (lesser evil) become one and get rid of the very bad government of PPP??

  2. Marvi Memon you are a great and you present every walk of life and talk with logic,my request with you is only to leave Chaudhry Brothers forevver,please do this.

  3. Ms. Memon, of course, does not feel happy and honored “under” an elected President and Prime Minister; she feels honored and satisfied under a still-virile commando unelected general-President. This is understandable. What is her own political standing? If she were not Nisar Memon’s daughter would she be where she is now. The kind of language she is using i.e. “chor” and “luttairay” sounds repulsive. To generalize the entire parliament with such epithets is a dangerous ploy. These are the kinds of people who are never comfortable with democratic dispensations, they malign politicians, and invite the military generals to takeover so that they can thrive. Isn’t she herself currently under Chaudhrys who are no angels in themselves.

    Pakistan’s democracy may be shoddy but at least we the children of lesser gods have an option to replace one set of rascals with another set of rascals.

    Ms. Memon is certainly suffering from a state of 3rd degree selective amanesia. Go get a break, girl!

    Get well soon!

  4. well said saleh!!

    people don’t get it, in two years they can kick out ppp theres no need for any movement or dharna or march it just a simple trip to the polling station and they can get rid of zardari

  5. @saleh

    What elected president or PM?? The mess took place through NRO in 2008 was election? the so called election about which, government’s own department NADRA says 1 and Half crore votes were fake casted in that election out of total 3 and half crore total votes casted??

  6. Only those votes are fake which are not voted for Imran. Jazi Khan got 2000 votes, it means all other votes were fake:) My real assement is that PTI and JI cannot get more than 2000-300o each in any constituency.

  7. paktech said:

    ………………… My real assement is that PTI and JI cannot get more than 2000-300o each in any constituency.

    And the efforts of establishment are to raise this to 15-20,000 in each constituency. They are hoping that PTI can be used as spoiler against PMLN in the next elections just as JI under Qazi Hussain Ahmed was used as spoiler in 1993.

    Our army is not wiling to allow any popular party in power that wants to rid this country of military hold.

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