3 thoughts on “Do Tok – 14 May 2011

  1. Gen. Ret. Talat Masood is talking non-sence,he is one among all the corrupt pak-army generals ,who destroy Pakistan and killed many Politician ,including Z. A Bhutto and tried to Kill Nawaz Sharif as well,they even did not spare Dr Abdul Qadir Khan—just to make USA happy and get Dollars.It is unfortunate that a national institution has lost its professionalism to a great extent. The obvious reason being the heavy involvement of the generals in politicking and their greed for wealth and other undue privileges.

    Pakistan’s Army , narcissistic and corrupt Generals has heaped limitless contempt on civilian rule and institutions, and on democratic politics. It is now time to challenge and extinguish this myth. The fact is, the Army itself has a disastrous record of incompetence that goes far beyond the present crisis, and many a Pakistani commentator has noted that each spell of military rule in the country has culminated in a national catastrophe: “Dictators took the country into foolish and unnecessary wars, dictators who sowed the seeds of Pakistan’s break-up, dictators and shortsighted intelligence chiefs who danced to America’s tune and turned Pakistan into a crossroads of international jihad. The Pakistani dream, if ever there was one, has been betrayed at the altar of this tradition.” Pakistan’s Army is, in fact, at the heart of the country’s problems; it is no part of their solutions.

  2. ISI had been saying all along that the big guy is not in Pakistan, has died, had kidney failure, blah blah. In order to come clean on this, ISI must take the following steps: 1. declassify the corresponding intelligence reports. 2. question the authors/sources of those reports and make their names and their religious ideologies public. Otherwise they are accomplices in the crimes carried out inside and outside of Pakistan, and had been cooking up all these stories to be-fool the world.

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