Dunya TV anchor and producers facing murder case over a girl issue

An anchor and two producers of Dunya TV are facing a ”murder” case over an issue of a girl.

According to an FIR registered with the Defence Police Lahore, Dunya TV anchor Rehman Azhar, producers – Zeeshan and Zagham Abbas – on their car LEB-5224 and LEC-2808 – chased another car LZU-7241 and intercepted it near the Lahore Grammar School Defence Housing Authority on last Saturday.

“They got off the cars and started teasing two women – Mariam and her daughter -who were going along with their driver Safdar Ali to their house in U block, DHA. The media persons who were drunk started teasing the women.

Meanwhile, Mariam had called her husband Ijaz Ahmed Awan who along with his son reached there,” the FIR says.

Ijaz and his son exchanged harsh words with the drunken guys over the matter which led a scuffle between them. “Azhar took out a baseball bat from his car and tried to hit Awan and his son, however, Azhar ended up hitting the bat in the head of Awan’s family driver Safdar Ali when he tried so save his owner from him,” the FIR says adding the three media persons did not allow Awan and the other family members to shift the injured to hospital and the excessive bleeding caused his death.

DHA police station invesyigation official Abdur Rehman said the media persons when arrested were misbehaving with police and threatened them of dire consequences. He said had the accused allowed the injured to shift him hospital his life might have been saved.

He said they were remanded in police custody for the six-day physical remand. He said Safdar had left behind a widow and nine children. Awan is the complainant of the case which is registered against the accused under section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code. He said it appeared that one of the media persons knew the girl.

A senior police officer told PoliticizingPakistan that a TV Channel owner was using his influence to bail out the accused. He said the accused were forcing the family to pardon them and in return receive Rs. one million.
Shan Khan

9 thoughts on “Dunya TV anchor and producers facing murder case over a girl issue

  1. yes, mian Amir, the owner of Dunya news is one of the biggest badmaash of Lahore.
    bring these media hooligans to justice and make them ibrat for all other animals in our civilized society and corrupt politicians.
    They deserve the most severe punishment by killing and innocent jsut becasue they were drunk and belongs ot Dunya news !!! Must be punished soon and should be shown on media.

  2. اے الله تو ہی رب العزت اور منصف عظیم ہے. میرے اور چیمہ بھائی کی عزت میں اضافہ فرما.ہمارے بزرگوں اور رشتے داروں کو ہر شر سے محفوظ کر – اس بد بخت کی ہر گالی اور بہتان کا حساب آج میں تجھ کے سپرد کرتا ہوں سب کے پروردگار -.بیشک الله پاک تو ہی حسیب، تو ہی جلیل، تو ہی منصف اور تو ہی جلال

  3. They will definitely be bailed out and come out and start doing their things again.

    We can only wish that some higher up or a well connected person gets convicted and imprisoned due to his doings in Pakistan.

    The day this will happen, we will be a different and nice Pakistan

  4. There should be strict code of conduct and regulation to control these papparazzis who are complete rouge elements of society and think they are above any law.

    The complains about these private TV channels are mounting high and there is little government is doing about regulating this new mafia.

    Yeah botel ka jinn hay, aik bar bahir aa gya to wapis jana mushkil hay.

  5. In a country where Raymond Davis is given a 21 gun salute for departure. In a country where a murderer like Musharraf is given a guard of honour to take off. In a country where the speaker of Punjab’s son is involved in murder and kidnapping of a girl. In a country where sitting Governor of Sind has blood on his hands and murder FIR’s framed but sits as Governor.

    Who gives a F…K about a poor driver???????????????? Nothing will happen.

  6. And as far as my information is concern the Anchor and produced was released by court because the guy died of heart attach not because of any injury.

    And, if court released him, means he was not involve in any such matter.

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