5 thoughts on “Hum Sab Umeed Say Hain – 21 May 2011

  1. salamz hi every one just wanted to say i love tht brave girl on programm ,,hum sab omeed se hai,, she z really lovely inteligent cute brave girl.. thanks allah tht there z someone who can talk abt thz pollitics people those who distroyed the beautifull country pakistan..wish to c more of thm ,,,allah b wd thm..thanks..!!

  2. can we hold on with just umeed?
    is there more umeeds to come?
    can we live on just umeed?
    but anyway
    i m with umeed
    you are with umeed
    hum sab are with umeed
    thanks for this umeed

  3. salam

    Great show! very entertaining and 100% relevant to the current filthy politics of pak.
    well done dr. younis butt.

    Cheers and Stay Well

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