29 thoughts on “Poll: How can Pakistan control the current wave of terrorism?

  1. Impossible….why?….Our Army chief is India centric, TTP is Pakistan centric, Govt. is ‘kursi’ centric, Awam is America centric and all the sane persons are (considered) eccentric.

  2. I voted for the first option but an immediate ceasefire should be negotiated not because i like what the militants are doing but the space they operate in morally should be shrunk.

  3. ban all spin doctors on tv shows—include all right wing parties in government—government should openly support america and world—good relations with india and afghanistan–civil control on military—all religouse schools should be banned–better coordination bettween ISI and police.

  4. Army = East
    Govt = west
    Awaam =South
    yeh hein hum sub ki directions ,,,Untill we shall not focus on one point we cant win.

  5. On the current attack, Jung said Russian made armament was used in the recent attack that destroyed two naval aircrafts and killing few people. I alway thought about it who is supplying arms to these insurgents. In general everybody in war wants to get into Arms sale whichever side demands but those who hate you will always lead the parade.

    General Zia policy of creating these monsters and using them against Russia was the very first big mistake that pakistan made. Russia was almost next to us as for as Geographic location of Russia. We should have somehow adopted the policy of keeping both sides at distance but having good relations on either side. We ended up playing on one side. And what America did, soon after the Russians were gone, they simply left and did not care what happens to those who have been fighting.

    Then comes our great General Mush who out of fear, which I do not believe, went along when Pakistan had never launched an attack on anybody. And thus this war became war of “saving Pakistan”.

    Pakistan should stay away from Afghan War and give warning to Taliban or anybody who would like to attack Pakistan. On very first incident than Pakistan should retaliate with full force.

  6. Slowly, we have to pull ourself out from this war. But crush those who fight against Pakistani forces and challenging the writ of the Government.

  7. @Pakistanvideo:
    You are correct.
    The problem is that at the time of General Zia, we created these elements in such a way that we made sure there is not exit strategy for us. We have their hiring and breading grounds in islamabad and all through the country. Weapon factories in FATA and no barrier between Pak-Af.

    Musharraf even sent a bunch of ulemas to Mullah Umar to surrender Osama to US but he did not. Then he decided our territory not to used for attacks in Afghanistan, but this could not be done since we were so much involved in the Afghanistan. The Wazirstan people made TTP and vowed to join hands with Talibanof Afg. and mullah all over Pakistan vowed to join as well and when scores of people start crossing into Afghanistan, where do we stand then.

    We simply do not have any choice.

    I am not in favour of Musharaf since he was a usurper of democracy. But if anyone had been in his position should have done the same thing. There is no simple way out. Our ISI is the real culprit, specially the people like Hameed Gul.

  8. Disassociating from US is not enough. We need to overthrow this government. Hang Musharraf and his ghaddaar genrals that helped him with the coup. We need to try Zardari and his thiefs who are busy in looting Pakistan. Accross the board accountability to root out the cancer of corruption that has spread from top downwards in this tenure of SOB Zardari.

    Commission on Cargil, May 2, May 12 and Mehran Air Base, Heads need to roll.

  9. Pakistan needs a strong central government. Present PPP government is incapable and corrupt. The army has always throughout the history has run its own government in parallel with the civil government which is wrong and has produced problems we are facing today. When Russia invaded Afghanistan, Army pushed us in that war while Iran kept neutral, sealed their border and remained safe. Later when US invaded Afghanistan, again our army pushed us into that war and Pakistan became a battlefield between Americans and their enemies. All this is because of one thing at the core…. weak civil government and strong military government running in parallel. To avoid this in future all Pakistanis must be very careful when they vote for the next government. Also at every forum protest against army as much as you can so that they would listen. They are responsible for our situation today. We must make sure they are out of the power game for the future and for ever.. AGAIN… look at Iran who kept out of Afghan wars and kept safe and ok.

  10. ‘Yesterday’ is gone
    Far out of our control;
    ‘Tomorrow’ is still away,
    Not yet in hand.
    ‘Today’ is with us,
    Filled with worries though.
    Caught up in yesterday and tomorrow,
    Do not let today go for naught.

  11. اکر انٹینٹ کے پولز میں جماعت اسلامی یا اس ٹائپ کی جماعتیں تحریک چلاتی ہے کے لوگ زیادہ سے زیادہ کسی خاص آپشن کو ووٹ دیں ،اس طرح پولز عوامی نہیں رہتے

  12. Fear Allah and be reminded that we are in this world to raise His name and implement His Deen, so we can please Him and He will reward us here and in the life hereafter. Pleasing anyone else ain’t going to do the trick. We have seen it all………

  13. Brothers haal batain kia kia jai na keh tanqeed,aur agar tanqeed karni hai tu plz tahmeri tanqeed karain.

  14. Just disassociate from US war and keep our house in order with free and fair election to give a chance to new and uncurroptable leadership. We have potential but need a leaderhip to extract this potential.

  15. Salaam to all brothers and friends.

    Acutally the questions are not rightly asked. This should be one question:

    “Disassociate itself from US occupation of Afghanistan and full force operation on terrorist refuges”.

  16. I voted for “Other (comment please)”
    Terrorism can not be addressed merely by switching loyalties. There is no quick fix either by using brute force or accepting their demands.
    Solution lies in education. Its very critical in building a learned and sophisticated society. It will take a generation to empower the peace loving people, the only defense line to our survival.
    Once a wise man said, “The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all”. Where does security lies for a nation where the ignorance is prevalent. Education and nothing but education is the solution.

  17. i have questions to ask about about Imran khan stance on the following issues:-
    1.why he did not talk much about abbottabad issue and forming a commission on it?
    2.why he did not talk on karachi mehran base issue and forming a commission or high level probing?
    3.why he did not talk about a brutal murder by rangers in karachi ?
    4.why he did not talk about journalist saleem shehzad?
    5.why he kept completly quiet on the karchi crimes by mqm and day to day lawlessness in karachi.?
    6.why he kept compelty quiet on mqm and every time if some one ask question about mqm ,he always kept quiet and doesnt criticize at all?
    7.why he does not disclose the deal with mqm?
    8.in programme 11th hour with waseem badami,he denied meeting with mushraff but why he did not deny telephonic contacts with mushraff ?
    9.why his agenda is only to criticize nawaz sharif ? and soft corners for mqm,q league,anp,musharraf league?
    10.why he does not criticize army to make them realize what their job is.we dont need dharnas to stop drones if our army is functioning properly,as they used to take billions of pounds underhand from america and other countries and 75% of budget and ruled pakistan from day 1.But when it comes to defend the country why they are failed?why they dont work under constitution rather than politics.so my point is if political leadership will not be able to lead army ,we would be failed completly b/c at the moment army is under control of america and only political leadership can control if imran khan ,nawaz sharif and JI will work together for pakistan.but imran khan is seems to have just point scoring these days.

  18. do any of you here represent any political process in pak?i guess not hmm so we are waisting time here chit chit chattt !!. Be Something Make Something. You can do soo much with time. Maybe read Spiritual Books of Hazrat Sultan Bahu (rehmatullah Alaih) at http://www.Haqbahu.com for free. They are special Books you need to read to find out to know yourself.If you think spirituality/sufism has nothing to do modern world or how to function society’s then read Irfan Book Written by Hazrat Faqeer Noor Muhammad Kalachavi (rehmatullah Alaih).Thanks this is other solution which was not mentioned in the list but written as the option OTHER.

  19. Imran khan has completely lost it. By focusing on critising NS and keeping quite on Ali Baba and Chalees Chor including ZPP, PMLQ, MQM, ANP, JUI, and Army he has lost my support. I was at the verge of joining PTI but with his one track mind I have lost confidence in his ability to analyse the current political scenario and further more I suspect that he is too close to the “establishment”. PTI members should please give my point some thought and point it to Khan Sahib that he is hurting himself by continuing this madness.

  20. Since its independence,army has been the greatest rogue of the country.I will tell just 10 reasons which is only tip of the iceberg.

    1. Extremely non professional,lost all the five wars against india i.e 1948,65,71,84 &99
    2. Extremely non professional,lost all its potential allies on western border one by one just for the pleasure of United States, i.eMasood,Rabbani,Siyaf,Dostum,Hekmatyar and finally Taliban.
    3. Extremely non professional,always kept bad relations with greatest potential ally Iran, after 1979,just for the pleasure of United States.
    4. Extremely non professional,never responded to Chinese aspirations in proper way,just for the pleasure of United States.
    5. Extremely non professional,in a peaceful environment of the country,attacked Waziristan in 2003 by throwing the pacts of Mr.Jinnah with tribes,since then our people r facing a horrible war & these businessmen r earning dollars ,just for the pleasure of United States.
    6. Extremely non professional, twice attacked India (1965,99) by expecting victory but slapped out in pitiable condition in a few days.
    7. Extremely non professional,greatest land mafia of the state with 12% of the land.Better to say them property dealers than soldiers.
    8. Extremely non professional, biggest corporate institution in Pakistan with more than 200 commodity industries all over the country.Better to change its name i.e Pak Army (PVT) Ltd with a slogan “Businessmen at their best”.
    9. Extremely non professional,always involved in pre poll rigging in elections by creating hatred for genuine politicians &trying either to bribe or eliminating them,thus growing dirty politicians under the umbrella of GHQ (Convention League,MQM,Functional League,PML Q & ZAR_BABA 40 chor etc),just to fed-up people from politicians so as to prepare ground for martial laws.
    10. Extremely non professional, always tried to alienate &break up those regions from federation,who stood up against the attrocities n hegemony of these Watchdogs.Fall of Dhaka is the typical example that how these conspirators held elections &then refused to transfer powers to the winner Bengalis,thus instigating them to grow the seeds of separation.As the sitiuation was not worsened,they even started operation to kill bengalis &rape their women as the last nail in the box.Balochistan &Waziristan operations were also planned on same patterns &for the same reasons.If this processs continues,only Northern Punjab will be left as their beloved den.

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