3 thoughts on “Do Tok – 28 May 2011

  1. Is there a way out of the Pakistani sell out to the US? The Pakistani military Generals and political rulers are part of the problem; they cannot be part of the solution. The solution must come out of the NEW THINKING and NEW VISIONS of the young people and new generation of Pakistani scholars and intellectuals not afflicted by political corruption and crimes against the interest of the masses. This approach deserves an inward EYE on the objectivity and purpose of political change and reformation of the neo-colonial dominated governance, an eye not merely to change the political faces but FOCUSED on the PURPOSE of political change institutionalized development, holding the current rulers accountable to their crimes and treason to the nation, and rebuilding new political institutions with an instinctive recognition gradually transforming the obsolete and corrupt governance to new and responsible system of democratic governance. Surely, history will judge the Pakistani rulers and Corrupt army Generals by their actions, not by their claims.

  2. Waste of time to watch this show, Mazhar Abbas failed to ask real questions. Moulana Fazal-ur-rehman is another supporter of Osama, he will condemn every one but the killers and the extermists.

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