3 thoughts on “Do Tok – 4 June 2011

  1. Ms, Firdous Awan,
    You are a shameless liar, also please do not try to impress us with your pathetic english.

  2. Budget “khana” to journalists, is a form of bribery, so they write in favour of this nalaiq government for this budget. PPP is famous for bribing, Baber Awan used heavy amount of money to bribe the lawyers (this is not his or ppp’s own money, it is very very poor awam’s money, which this government is wasting, like water) and created rift between lawyers movement. Imagine if they have a little faith in Almight God, would they be doing this???

  3. Every civilized country is run by politicians not by uncivilized military.
    napak military is responsible for all problems and ruined the eco. fought wars with india and own countrymen. used gunship helicopters against balochs, sindhis and now against pakhtoons. saved their luxurious defence housing societies and corner plots in gwader and other parts of the country. they picked up every bone thrown by any country. a wast majority of mediamen has filled up their brains with the garbage provided by estab.

    napak army killed a lot of balochs, sindhis, muhajirs and pakhtoons. poor jawans are being used as a shield by them against terrorists who were created by them against india, afghanistan and russia.

    this napak army now should be sent to barricks and all DHA, AWTs etc. etc. should declared as a public property.

    ISI is a state within the state. in other words they are non state actors who commit terrorist attacks in neighbouring countries on one hand and killing politicians, journalists on the other hand. this mafia should be delt by seizing the defence budgets.

    economy will prosper in this way. otherwise there is no chance.

    all this mess in the country is the result of army role in country’s politics.

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