6 thoughts on “Jirga – 9 June 2011

  1. جھوٹ پر جھوٹ اور اس پر بھی جھوٹ
    منافقت کی انتہاؤں پر پوھنچے جماعتیوں کے امیر منور حسن کی لمبی لمبی چھوڑی سنے
    ہر ایک سیکنڈ میں اپنی پچھلی بات کی نفی اور جھوٹ
    یہ ختنہ ایکسپرٹ سوات میں کہ رہا تھا کہ یہاں ہندو قابض ہو گئے ہیں جن کے ختنے نہیں ہوئے اور پھر کہ رہا تھا کہ طالبان کی شریعت نافذ کرو

  2. PPP has been a victim of Napak Fauj’s brutality. A napak fauj major is more powerful than president of Pakistan. Would that Nawaz Sharif a preseident the same reaction will be expected. Both Sharif and Zardari know how to handle this big jiant. But are unable to do it accordingly. Napak fauj a founder of Dahshat Gard industry needs another General Aurora. We all Pakis should solute him. He slapped with shows on Napak army.

    Killing of innocent Balochs in Balochistan by Napak Fauj is a matter of daily routine. Such incidents of sarfraz Shah are happening daily but are not allowed to be covered by national media.
    Insha Allah this Napak fauj’ days has been counted and Allah will make to get rid of it.
    Day will come when DHA’s, AWT, FFC and beautiful Cants. will be declared as public properties.
    Army mess will be declared as children clubs. Napak army will be thrown out from Pak Sarzamin.
    I request all my brothers to pray for that in daily prayers and Namaze Jumma.

    I believe zardari and Nawaz are innocents because are the charges levelled aggainst them were made by MI and ISI. None of the courts Azad Adlia or Ghulam Adlia could ever prove these cases.

    Now they are trying to promote Imran.
    Tou know that Imran’s media Advisor is Shirin Mazari, daughter of a sardar Ashiq Mazari who killed 11 Muzaras (Land workers) in Dhundi Sate in Rujahan distt Rajanpur.
    Imran buddy Sardar Jaffer Leghari again a Sardar made his own blue films during early 1980s. Both Imran and Saradar Jaffer bring Gori Girls in Fort Munro.
    This is a chracter of Imran

  3. Munawar Hussain – you are worst than Bush.He was not killing people of his own sect but you and your supporter who are muslims are killing Pakistani muslims i.e. eating flesh of their own brothers.You guys have no characters,you guys are criminals.35000 Pakistanies have died and you SOB IS NOT willing to condemn those attacks just because those animals were from your mullah fertinity,how could you claim yourself muslim, in my opinion you are worst than any kaifir/munafiq exists on this earth.

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