2 thoughts on “Do Tok – 12 June 2011

  1. Should learn from the rest of the world, specially from Europe.

    Its time to improve better relations with neighbours including India. Get rid of this army and assets groups (Good Taliban, Haqani Group, etc) to spend money on education, health and developments to improve life of coming generation.

    Up to today, the generations are already spoiled due to our sick policies. Whatever is destroyed is destroyed. The lives gone are gone. The generations spoiled are spoiled. We are gone. This cannot be undone.

    At least coming generations could have better world, life standards, jobs, health facilities, education, justice, etc.

  2. Due to the nature of such events, this puts Pakistan in a state of war, ironically with the “ally” and with its own people living in FATA. Pakistani ally belligerently disrespects its sovereignty by attacking inside with consequential affects of anger and fury against both the US and Pakistani Administration by the locals.And recently consistently deteriorating law and order situation, the rise in terrorism, activities by anti-state elements and unrealistic efforts by the self-interest “democracy” ideologues in Pakistan have created a situation that needs to be addressed and handled sooner rather than later.

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