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  1. Now the people of Pakistan know how 15000 innocent boys were killed in Karachi.This is not strange for us, it reminds us Karachi operation from 1992 to 1999 under PPP and PML governments, headed by General Asif Nawaz Jangua, CNC of Pak army, when he gave the statement that altaf”s chapter is closed. Did he have the right to close the chapter of a political party. Was n’t he a traitor of Pak constitution. Why every body was happy for army action against a political party . This single incident represents 15000 extrajudicial killings in Karachi, but we are still loyal to Pakistan, unlike others

  2. @Gulrais same question you should ask altaf the buther when he killed so many innocent young people of Karach and still killing

  3. I am not talking in context of Sharfraz Shah,ofcourse it is a black stain on the name of insaniyat. I condemn all these kind of incidents whether it has done by police,rangers or MQM (the people who are from Karachi they excately know what I am talking about). It is deshat gerdi.

    This pur israr Alam (kala Naag) I don’t accept him a Human Right guy etc., I don’t know when overnight he became Human Right expert?? I he is famous for yellow journalism paid by PPP and others…….??? Guess.

    Question to Kala Naag, for my information tell me, law enforcement agencies come under whom??? Provincials or Federal Government, Right?? So our governments are responsible for these mess, we didn’t elect the police or Rangers, we elected MNA & MPA who are in provincial and federal governments, failure or fault of police or ranger is governmment’s failure or fault, if they can’t correct, they should go home, don’t waste our precious time, let come honest to nation people to take charge, before we all go to the hell, because we don’t have liberty of time. It is government’s job to take “aaz khud notice” not SC, when government is not doing it’s job it has proven million times that they are “nalaiq”, that is why SC has to take Aaz Khud Notice. Some body has to do it.

    Quite PPP wali, “gissi pitti jhutien batien kernay wali” prevented other people to say important thing in the end. Anchor is scared or what? She never interrupts PPP waley, she interrupted other guests and public, who were saying important things, she should ask the questions in very short and quite, because I don’t want her to answer the question but the guests or public.

  4. PPP womman tried very hard to change the subjact,she and Imtaiz Alam talk about terrorism but they do not want to tell thatMushraf has the all foundations lay down and Zardai not only implimented Mushraf’s policy but he created factory of terrorists ever born in Pakistan before.Army do not have any direction,they are on their own,i mean law of jungle.Zardari AND altaf needs to learn more lessions because past lessions are not enough,they have learned nothing yet.

  5. edcodyne Question ; tell me, law enforcement agencies come under whom??? Provincials or Federal Government,
    law enforcement agencies are not under Provincials or Federal Government, they are above the law.Since 1958 they have been doing whatever they think is right. Might is right.Look at the body language of DG rangers Gen ajaz there is a big metal rod in his neck, do you guys notice it. This has to be melted down. This can only be done full determination and unity of the people of Pak. Look at the reply from the naval chief. He refused to answer the questions of parliament about the PNS incidence. Saleem Shahzad killed, they are not answering any forum. They are threatening camera man A. Salam Soomro for making movie of sarfaraz Shah killing. Still you think they are under some government.


  6. yeahhh
    Colosseum Show is on..
    dude, these riots were started followed by abducting and drilling of an army major Kaleem in 1994. Gen. Asif Nawaz unlike Musharraf and Kiyani did maintained the Pakistan Army’s image by improvising and installing a better system of check and balance in institution.
    Anyway, thats another issue. MQM claim of is vague and it reminds me of made up holocaust stories that aren’t allowed to be discussed by masses. No one can deny fact that MQM isn’t indeed a political party but a gang that has political and ethical support in Urdu speaking community.

  7. agreed with gulraiz, but still fact is fact that MQM is the biggest terrorist group in Pakistan and why nobody discussing about it openly because everyone canot afford to be terrorized by MQM gundaas.
    MQM gundaas reach their houses and kill them ruthlessly. hence no one is afford to discuss about MQM gunda gardis, blackmailing, bhata khori etc, same like haulocast’s made propaganda story.

    Some interesting but alarming facts about MQM

    When MQM initially won the elections in late 80s and early nineties, this was MQM’s top leadership:

    Chairman: Azeem Tarique
    V. Chairman: Bader Iqbal
    Secretary General: Imran Farooq
    Deputy Sec general: Khalid Bin Waleed
    Finance Secretary: SM Tariq
    Mayor Of Karachi: Farooq Sattar (last-one alive)
    Deputy Mayor : Raziq Khan
    First 2 senators : Nishat Malick and one more

    All these top leaders of MQM are dead , and all have been assassinated, except Farooq Sattar.
    It is also on record that all these leaders either left MQM (Badr Iqbal, SM Tariq, Imran Farooq, Razik Khan) or developed differences with Altaf Hussain ( Azeem Tariq, Khalid Bin Waleed, Nishat Malick) before their death

    MQM has been in power for 23 years in Sind and Pakistan’s federal cabinet, including ministry of defence and law in Sind for 8 years. The most surprising part is that they have never ever tried to catch or even seriously demanded the capture of culprits who wiped off the entire leadership of MQM in last 20 years??? The answer is simple. This ugly Altaf bhai got them all killed.

    so are we saying that Farooq Sattar “Bhai” is next? or he’s all compliant?

    May Allah helps Pakistani people to get rid of traitors !!!

  8. I’m afraid when MQM kills people, no body dares to make a video.
    If at all anybody makes one, no channel dares to show it LIVE.
    If at all somebody shows one, people behind the video get killed.

    It’s a such a big mafia that even Chief Justice couldn’t land into karachi on 12 may 2007.

    No doubt it’s the biggest terrorist network in pak.

    we have to act maturely, b/c the country is at the verge of complete destruction..Major kaleem case, true or false, in your words was the result of 15000 killings in Karchi headed by nawaz shareef and general asif nawaz. They both played a magnificient opening inning of 15000 killings for rayasati terrorist team.NS is crying for dissolution of Punjab assambly, under the same constitution he dissolved sind assambly when he was PM.Mr.Actually Karachi operation started when one of the MQM senators shouted in the senate that Pakistan was created by the people of Pakistan, not by the army. Truth was too bitter to digested. In 1965 people of Lahore saved their city themself, army was not there or they were sleeping or getting ready to surrender as they did in 1971 in east Pak. Mr. Observer printed a list of MQM shohada, for your info rangers post was 200 yards from Azim Tariq house. Pretty similar to Sarfaraz Shah killing recently in Karachi. Target killing in Karachi is clear to people of Karachi. It is done by enemies of Pak, Ashrafia , zameendars and jageedars to revolt the revolution and to restrict MQM to Karachi only b/c they are khoon khawar like wolves and brave like jackals.Wake up, wake up, wake up Pak.we are awake since Ayub khan’s election of 1964, otherwise”daastan bhee na hogee daastanoon may”

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