3 thoughts on “Do Tok – 25 June 2011

  1. We are proud as a nation how so called leaders react on each other in cludindg party workers all kinds of nonsense and bull s**t they talk on national tv then still they get elected again and again,i mean whole nation is watching their show and they do not realize what to say and what not say,in western countries their leaders do all kinds of bad things in their private life but not in public speeches.sminars and sunday talks show and sadra.

  2. People of Pakistan Get rid of these old Gurus like Muslim League, PPP etc and choose some new faces to change the future of Pakistan. I have no trust in these old Gurus. They have brought nothing but destruction to our nation. It is time for us to wake up. It is time to change the future of Pakistan. In fact I am in favor of young generation to come forward.

    When 30 and 40 years old can rule over the most powerful nation in the world than why not our young people come forward and show it to the world that they can do the same. Get rid of these old old gurus now.

    All these dead old Gurus are only after their so called jobs…. How much they worship their leaders for little profit and how how much they love the poor people of Pakistan. Everybody knows that. Kick them out. Otherwise these leeches will suck your blood.

    Just take the example of this show. They are busy blaming each other. Everyone is trying to tell us how angelic they are. Exactly the same way their leadership does. Take the example 0f this PMLQ. Since they are not party to this conflict, suddenly this guy becomes an angel telling us what should go on during this discussion.

    Believe me none of these old Gurus will ever solve our problems they will keep building more palaces and more foreign accounts. After listening to this program do you think that these old Gurus will ever change or will bring any change to our wonderful country Pakistan.

    If you people do not do it this time than you will never get another chance. Now is the time to bring fresh, honest and hardworking people in the front. Pick those people up and force them to come forward and lead.

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