2 thoughts on “Do Tok – 2 July 2011

  1. The present rulers have done nothing for the masses.They increased the price of wheat from Rs.400/- to Rs.900/- per maund.Similarly the price of sugar was increased from Rs.28/- per Kg. to Rs.80/- per kg.The present rulers have destroyed all the institutions.

    All these rulers:Mr. Zardari Sahib,Mr. Nawaz Sharif,Mr.Shujaat Hussain,Mr.Altaf Hussain, Mr Asfand Yar Wali and Mr Fazular Rahman have ruled Pakistan for the greater time.

    At present , there is no rule and law in the whole pakistan.Corruption,carnage and nepotism are in full swing.

    We must get rid of these leaders by voting Imran Bhai in future elections.

  2. For PML-N to form an alliance with MQM to topple PPP is to entangle with 50 Zardaris instead of dealing with one in PPP.
    MQM is a party which knows only to blackmail. You have to listen closely to Waseem to gauge their mentality. I feel that PML-N should let PPP rule for the next two years, lets the two dogs fight it out and then wait for the elections. For anyone to trust MQM is nothing short of insanity…

    This is a party of bhatta kgors, thugs and murderers. They are dangerous and Zardari is the right person to handle these people who run and operate this mafia style party. Let one crook deal with another crook.

    PML-N and PTI should stay the hell away from these lechers.

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