2 thoughts on “Faisla Aap Ka – 9 July 2011

  1. Why MQM never fought for Pakistan as welfare state for public, while being a part of the government?? Bhai sirf constitution may hona ya law banana qaafi nahi hota, what present government and politicians did practically towards welfare state?? Zero. Aasay law pass kernay ka kiya faida, jiss per sirf awam ki mazid doulat use ho aur faida/haasil kuch na ho?? If you people are honest with the nation, fight everyday in parliment for welfare state. Not just BS talks.

    Mustansir Javed, is talking oneside, syasatdoon ko , Bhutto ko full time mila 5years, BB ko total 6 years milay aur Zardari ko 4 saal milay issnay kiya ookharliya, jo generalonay nahi ookhara thaa? What difference today’s politicians are doing different?? Nothing

    Mr. Benzenjo is honest person and does balance talk.

  2. I don’t believe anybody, who just talks and don’t do anything paractically, therefore, there is a set rule, that if you are not solution of the problem you are part of the problem, all they are part of the problem for awam, why they accepted such a government in which they are not free (did they tell the people that they are going to accept a government under the influence of fauj, were they or is honest with the nation )?? for what just looting the nation?? If I am honest I will never accept any government on the shoulders of the army. Then I am not independently to make my decisions for the nation!!

    It is very annoying that Asma injustly cuts the public to give their views, actually public is the party who is on receiving end today, nobody knows, better than awam about the facts and zulum they are going through today, forget about yeserday??

    Once again I would say Asma (anchor) please don’t cut the awam let them finish, give them more time to talk, because politicians (or who talks on behalf of the politicians sucah bizenjo and Amanullah) and high rank military officers are not going through what awam is going through today, they don’t know the feeling of a person who just have one roti with water a day. They are disconnect from real awam.

    MQM is no different than other politicians. I don’t accept anybody my leader unless he/she doen’t take concrete/visibale steps for the benifits of the awam and country only.

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