8 thoughts on “Faisla Aap Ka – 17 July 2011

  1. Asma Shirazi is a neutal anchor person; she conducts her show impartially and successfully.As far as target killing at Karachi is concerned ; it the result of inefficiency of the present Sindh Govt.The coommon men must understand that present rulers are bent upon amassing wealth for themselves and their bootlickers.

    Imran Khan is the only leader who did not usurp bank loans or did not remain the part of any govt in 63 years of life.

    Please wake up! and vote for Imran Khan only to ensure your security as well as rhe security of Pakistan.

  2. Karachi is a city of educated people but still they are not able to see beyond their ethnic prejudices. I wonder why?

  3. Congrats asma for a second very brave show from 90, your last show was really really hard hitting and in this show you have hit all those questions left in last show.
    MQM very well exposed again, specially when they blocked saturdays programme from Bacha Khan Banaras Chowk with ANP by blocking cable in whole Karachi. You must prey that u are back safe from there… God Speed

  4. Ordinary innocent people are killed everyday in Karachi. Why people of Karachi and Pakistan don’t join their hands to root out this menace. What will get them to realize that so-called leaders and LEAs are never going to help them.

  5. “bhai logo” ko special Programme !! wah rey kitney faristey hain yeh “bhai loog”
    thoori kasar baqi reh gaey HAJIN ASMA BIBI aik do nara ALTAF BHAI ka apney muh se bhi maar deti tu AZADI E SAHAFAT ka percham MUKKA chowk per bhi buland ho jata kitni zalim hai aap itney neik aur baakirdaar shaks keliey aik nara bhi na maar saki ………………

  6. @mentador
    You must have some personal issue with the host, if she went to Hajj, She is the only one to pay back the whole amount. so if u do a mistake unknowingly and then compensate it like you might have prayed last night to Allah during Shabe-barat, then whats wrong in it. so try to dissolve ur persnoal venom and appreciate her effort that being a woman whe did public shows in Katti Pahari with ANP and at Nine Zero with MQM. If you are so brave just go at nine zero and shout that MQM is killer and responsible for killings of people, i know u cant but she did it. I have seen her last show from Nine zero too where she fixed them with every pincing question and i was stunned how did she escape them. So dont be a chauvenist, if one do something good have the heart to appreciate. Otherwise its ur world.

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