5 thoughts on “PMLN Convention 1 – Ahsan Iqbal Opening Speech

  1. imran khan was the first person who welcomed Marshal law by Musharraf.

    Imran khan was the first person to celebrate the arrival of musharraf.

    imran khan was the first person to celebrate the musharraf fake refrendum.

    When Musharraf made alliance with choudrys of punjab and his hopes of becomming prime minister got broken he started oppose musharraf.

    imran khan then started to oppose choudrys and all of the sudden he took u turn now and he cant see the corruption of Monish Elahi and how supreme court was handled by govt. on this issue and he didnt say a word.

    Imran khan took stance against Altaf Hussain and then all of sudden he took U turn b/c MQM went against imran khan in Newyork court against Sitta white scandal where he has daughter.

    Imran khan started dharnas on the call of ISI and had meeting with General Pasha and look at his dharna especially in Karachi which was one day after the supply was deliverd from nato.

    imran khan doenst talk about violence in karachi any more…

    Imran khan target is just to give more strength to ppp.Now he is talking about alliance with Musharraf,Alliance with Q league,alliance with any one so he can be prime minister which is not possible atleast in next elections.

  2. Don’t need talks, show actions. I don’t consider anybody trustworth, who just talks and don’t apply or takes action.

  3. @Admin:

    There is no voice in any of the videos uploaded related to PMLN convention. It will be nice if this can be fixed. Thanks!

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