2 thoughts on “Tonight with Jasmeen – 28 July 2011

  1. Stop this bullshit You fake Gillani,and MEHREEN pigshit if you have produced electricity,jobs,etc then why there is load sheeding, why there is large scale unempçoyment,where is your fake and hollow slogan of rotto kepra and mekan,

    “Why the people are bare, footed, bare bodied, half naked, with out food, houses with raw walls, with out roof, heads are dirty with dust. People are selling their kids due to hunger and poverty, suiciding due to starvation”?
    Benazir was the person who said my grand father was pm; my father was pm so I have the right to become pm. This is “jageerdarana soch” and you can judge with this statement how much democratic PPP is or Benazir was.

    PPP jialas are so stupid that they want our constitution to change so that 20 years old Bilawal can be our pm. Probably Raja Riaz who gave this statement is thinking about his future benefits when Bilawal sahib will be our pm.

    We hate the day when he would become our PM. Good luck to all of us!
    Benazir was also guilty of nepotisms and cronyisms at every level. She was the co-author of the notorious NRO which was to give cover to her and her husband and friends for their loot/mar in Pakistan.

    Today Pakistan climbing on the notorious ladder of corruption is number 42 .This is all gift of bribery looting, and robbing of public wealth and treasury, while on the other side of the coin reality is 18 million people’s heads are bowed with shame and only shame, not only because 1/3 of the population is living, beneath poverty level, while their county has major irrigation system of the world, and 75% land is agricultural, self sufficient not only for population but also to export surplus.
    For us, the People of Pakistan. SC needs our support more & more, every single day. It’s not the SC that has decided that its time to End the corruption once & for all. It’s us.
    It’s the People of Pakistan that made the decision! They were just trying to be lucky for one last time so that they could loot this nation with both the hands, legs and that Big Mouth!.

    When we beat them up…Obviously they are going to shout, cry & weep!
    Thousands of People who died due to terrorism
    Thousand who were literally murdered by these corrupt people
    By denying them what they deserved
    By looting their dreams, Hopes, Hard work and talent
    When they suffered & were suffering…These People were checking their Bank Statements

    They are not only corrupt, they are the murderers of this Nation!
    Are we revived every single time to be killed once more?
    Don’t send them to prison & waste taxpayers money!
    Hang them All…..Twice! Hang them all in public, chock, and let their dead bodies be eaten by dogs, and wolves.

    Let us digest the money we have looted and allow us to loot more and run” what logic. Shame on ppp.

  2. It is unversal fact kay “AazmAaiy huay ko aazmana bay waqoofi hey”. We have tested all these political parties (PMLN,PMLQ,MQM,ANP,PPP) than once. I don’t need to say anything, public knows, what they have done to our country in just 3 & 1/2?

    These politicians, everyday they do senseless and useless toon toon may may and without any fruit action plan for the country, they go home. If they are giving million years, still they wouldn’t do anything for the nation. “puter kay paan balnay sey pata daytay hein” honest government leadership can show you the signs of improvement in very 1st year of their government.

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