2 thoughts on “Tonight with Jasmeen – 4 August 2011

  1. Rehman Malik remains me pink panther charactor (petter sellers as) inspector Clouseau, when I see him I start laughing.

    This is the first government of the democractic world, who is not ready to accept the facts that they are “NALAIQ” for which they are responsible. If I am working for a private compnay I am given a task and repeatedly I am failing to do, will my owner buy that I am failing because of ex-worker?? If he has very good heart, he might give me couple of chances only and then he will fire me, in how many fields this government has committed mistakes and mis-management and nalaiqis ?? Mr. Khoroo, we didn’t have these kind of bad situation in the government of even dictator Musharraf, which PPP gave us in 3 & 1/2 years and still blame game is going on, instead correcting themselves and bringing good governance. I have no doubt, if they are give 50 years (we don’t have liberty of time) still on 50th year they will be blaming others for their failures.

    The major problem in Karachi like whole Pakistan is roti ki jhang, if Karachiites particularily and country as a whole everbody were provided jobs, nobody will join these gangester Parties and who responsibility to provide jobs to it’s citizens??

    Kaal Altaf Hussain nay pee ker taqrir ki thee, aaj sobre honay per maafee mangtaa . I have seen many drunkard people doing this.

    Qadeer Magsi sahab: Don’t worry Zardari,Zulfiqar Mirza and Altaf Hussain have too many “mafees” in their stock.

  2. My dear Pakistanis,God has its own way to punish people.killing of people by people is also a punishment on behalf of Allah.Therefore, what is happening in Karachi, is a punishment by God.

    Please wake up! “Change your opinion about leaders.You have been voting the same parties or leaders since the last 63 years; the result is before you, and Karachi is still in the grip of killing.Majority of people killed at Karachi does not belong to political parties.
    Common people must reject their early leaders and support “Imran Khan” in his struggle against corruption,bank loans usurpation and blackmailing. Imran Bhai is a man of his words; he does not go back upon his words.

    Beware! Beware! be muslim and be truthful in your dealings. If you are muslims , then target killing will go automatically.

    Do not be deceived by corrupters in future elections and vote Imran Khan to power and Inshallah! Pakistan will be a better than present Pakistan.

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