11 thoughts on “Khabar Naak – 13 August 2011

  1. Even in magrabi mumalik (where is no problem of food) in masjid at iftar time, people instead offering the dish to others, they quickly put the hand on spoon of curry dish or flat dish of biryani and take out almost all meat, and just leave one or none boti for next person, they have no yakin that in next round they will get boti or not. What kind of Roza is this?? On 19th Ramzan when Ibn-e-mulzim cut Hazrat Ali (r) with his sword, Sherbet was brought for Hazrat Ali (r), he said give it to Ibn-e-Mulzim. Kiya hum Musalman hein?? Hum sirf iss liya musalman hein kay doceray sects., aur mezhab walon per tankeed kerien aur Kafir kay sackien.

  2. @edcoym

    کبھی کبھار ایسا ہوا کہ کوئی شو دیکھ کر دل نے چاہا دو چار الفاظ لکھ دوں مگر جب آپ کے لکھے کمنٹس پڑھ لیتا ہوں تو پھر یہی دل کہتا ہے کہ کسی اور نے وہ لکھ دیا ہے جومیں لکھنا چاہتا تھا

  3. Geo ki beghairty kee aur stupidness kee intahaa ho gaee. They are playing Indian song (ROTEY HUAE AATE HAIN SUB) on Pakistan Independence day.
    NO Doubt that they r the main source to promote indian nudity by songs… just to run their own business and channel.. but their main slogan is …………………………………………….SOCHO TOA ZARA ………..

  4. salam

    the host raised good points regarding excessive eating in ramadan. one thing is observed most commonly in pakistan if u offer salat e maghrib in ramadan. the noise of indecent and irritating belching is audible loud and clear. the way the ppl burp while offering salah in mosque is impolite, many of them don’t even consider that they r in the mosque and they should avoid or control this indecent belching. this thing happens even in taraveeh also, although there is a difference of atleast an hour and a half between maghrib prayer and taraweeh but the effect of excessive eating doesn’t get over by that time. this shows that how ill mannered our society is as a whole.

    yes in ramadan, evil things r practiced more than the other months by the shopkeepers and other traders, they don’t give up selling contaminated things and every other thing is also done to ensure profit. if we analyse these things then we’ll come to know that for these social evils our rulers r not responsible rather it’s ppl/masses who r actually corrupt to the core. i have seen ppl who fast but during fasting they can’t complete one sentence without verbal abuse even then they claim proudly they we r fasting. to some extent host was right when he said that society as a whole is bankrupt.

    this guy is exceptional at mimicking, he can mimic anyone. they used right word for hamid mir phapha kutni. he was the trend setter in causing disputes among guests, it was his good tactic to sell his show. also, other anchors do the same thing to get cheap publicity. this media is full of crap anchors.

    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis.

  5. salam
    @jakhan wrote:
    شو دیکھ کر دل نے چاہا دو چار الفاظ لکھ دوں مگر جب آپ کے لکھے کمنٹس پڑھ لیتا ہوں تو پھر یہی دل کہتا ہے کہ کسی اور نے وہ لکھ دیا ہے جومیں لکھنا چاہتا تھا

    آپ پھر بھی جو آپ کے ذہن میں ھوتا ھے لکھ دیا کریں۔ بیشک دو دوستوں کے تبصرے ایک جیسے بھی ھوں، پڑھ کے کبھی بوریت نہیں ہوتی بلکہ اچھا لگتا ہے کہ دو دوست ایک جیسے خیالات رکھتے ہیں

  6. As a Sindhi i want to register that most of the bhand and mirasis of Aftab Iqbal speaks Punjabi of Faisalabad or Toba Tek Singh.I cannot understand their jugat bazi.

  7. pehley stage dramo mein loagon ka iqhlaq tabah kiya. ikhlaqi lehaz se iss qadar tabah ker diya k loag apne parents ka Adab kerna bhool gaey. aur aub hasbe haal aur dosraa specailly KHABARNAK .. puri nation ko merassi or jugat baaz bana rahe hain ,, they r really spoilers…

  8. Why we people hate and criticize others. Isn’t that something really wrong with us? There are tens of other channels, why don’t you guys change the channel and watch something more suitable for you?

    For me, we don’t need to be in agreement with him on all aspects of his thinking but if a bleak link between us seems coincident then I think it’s worth watching it.

  9. as a pushtoon i will say that no problum with the concept of this program but it is more a punjabi show as compared to urdu

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