2 thoughts on “News Beat – 19 August 2011

  1. After 3 & 1/2 years still PPP is blaming others for all their faults, mis-management, corruption and none seriousness about the Karachi or as whole Pakistan.

  2. If you look at the statements of Sind government ministers and their different people all over tv channels than you can figure out about their and their Ithadi affairs. They are responsible for all what is happening in Karachi. I am sure that we need a third party in Karachi to investigate and take proper acton.

    Who could be better than chief justice of Pakistan. He should be given special authority to form a commission and than government give the commission a full authority to handle the matter in Karachi the way they feel better. No other committee or commission or group will ever be trusted by people of Karachi.

    If we can not reach to the very base of this killings in Karachi than I think this is the best time for the Army to interven themselves.

    The last resort is in the hands of the people of Pakistan. If they come out in the streets and demand action on the part of government or remove the government.

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