15 thoughts on “Faisla Aap Ka – 20 August 2011

  1. No one but all the three major parties of Karachi including PPP , ANP and MQM are responsible for the situation in Karachi as they all own the Bhatta Mafia under world Dons which work for them. If you dont believe it just see the level of their seriousness and sincerity over the the killing of innocent people. They dont want to do anything, rather internally they are busy to settle the Bhatta rates of different areas in Karachi. thats it.

  2. How can army be called into Karachi to get the peace restored because all the three major parties have their own involvement, if army comes where will their bhatta business go and above all, how can they accept that they have failed in Karachi in controlling the situation …sab ka chatta batta aik hay. in ko kia, mer to aam log rahay hain, aur army ko kia us kay apnay intersts hain.

  3. Once again these swines/kafir,sickminded born as baxxxxd talbans have proved right that they are worst than swines.These sick minded swines deserve no sympathy.They should be killed thru drones or whatever means possible.I dont care if they have become talbans because they were hungry or had no money to feed their family they should be killed without any mercy including all their family members.I am sure even the God must be feeling bad giving them life on this earth.Same curse go to all those mullahs who support them in Pakistan.Shame on you animals/kafirs/swines.


  4. @block

    In Karachi’s situation is not different than what you have presenting above. If you put your above (A) story plus (B) Karachi’s story (ANP, MQM, PPP) then it completes the picture. Both A & B are butchers & worst than animals. Huzur (as) said who hurts muslim with their hands or tounge “hum may sey nahi”. you know what it means.

  5. Bibi karachi jao. Islam-abad main kia kerrahi ho. hookoomat nakam hai aur kioun tum ne is ke istafa ka mutalba kia ? The regime is failed due to corruption, crouption and crouption. Bibi yehannn to lasain gir rahi hain aur koi action nahi. Is se berh ker aur kia nakami ho gi bibi. tum bhi pipli ho bibi – topic hi badal dala. PPP mian mulak chalane ki kabliat nahi hai bibi jiiii bilkhossson zardari and yousuf raza.

  6. If Army comes to Karachi, the situation will only get worse since Army is the biggest bhatta mafia in Pakistan and a new fight will start between big bhatta mafia (Army) and 3 smallar bhatta mafias (PPP, MQM, ANP).

    Also, has Army ever fixed any problem in Pakistan? They are actually source of all ills. Was MQM not set up by Army and are they not keep Afaq for a suitable opportunity?

  7. @block

    Thank our great one-year extension General Pasha who gave 87 visas to CIA operatives, these operatives have bloody history of such tactics in Iraq and same is now being done in Pakistan to divide people on sectarian lines and gain support for Nato armies.

    There is no investigation, no research, no proof whatsoever, who did it and how it happened AFTER the prayer, some UNKNOWN anonymous call is not enough to become supporter of American war OF terror, NATO is the beneficiary of this crime and we have people like you who come out with same old hate based rant.

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