3 thoughts on “Front Line – 24 August 2011

  1. if Rangers (Karachi police full of MQM) are allowed to meet criminals in Karachi with bay rahmi, sever “ibrat naak” punishments are given to criminals, law should be seen taking place (not verbal BS) and none of the political party’s criminal should not be released upon the phone calls or visit by party leader etc., then only this so-called surgical action will bear the fruits, otherwise same results (failure) would be like previous ones. I don’t believe in talks and claims once a person or group loose it’s credibility, by repeadly lying. So I am waiting results on gound in Karachi, so far it is Zero. It can be another trick to spent few more days in the name of surgical strikes to complete 5 years.

  2. No doubt (Iqbal haider is 101% right) MQM is the biggest dehshat gerd party in Karachi, rest are nothing compare to MQM, first torture cells established by MQM Karachi in late 80’s (Mr. Khattaq, said in late 80’s bussiness men from Karachi started moving to Punjab), ANP and PPP waley do dehshat gerdi in reaction of MQM terror, which is nothing compare to MQM, it doesn’t mean that ANP and PPP criminals should be left alone and not be punished. In presence of “MQM Karachi police” this strike can’t be successful, you give criminals to Karachi police, they will release them. Just waste of time.

    I agreed, during Mr. khattaq era operation, Karachi peace was upto the mark.

    Offcourse media scared of MQM’s terror, not only reporters in Karachi, but anchors those do programs in closed rooms.

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