12 thoughts on “Press Conference 2 – 28 August 2011

  1. KK is a MQM toady, his analysis was so ridiculous that I couldn’t believe it. He claimed that this would be detrimental for PPP government but in fact cyber world is buzzing with praises for Zulfiqar Mirza’s bravado which is a praise for PPP indirectly.

    I wish this was the beginning of the end of MQM but we all know that MQM will be back in the government soon.

  2. our politicians put their party interest above the national interest or public interest. I am from Karachi, I know Zulfiqar Mirza is honest and serious about Karachi’s situation, he knows (and he is right) there is no other solved beside what he said earlier to punish deshat gerd elements

  3. No wonder Pakistan is in trouble with leaders like Zufaqar Mirza. He has blamed MQM to be killing the people. What is the logic for MQM to kill urdu speaking people.

    Pakistan is a police state, no killings happens with express approval of police. The Sindh Police is under the cheif minister of Sindh.

    Only a moron woud belive what Zulfaqar Mirza has to say.

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