6 thoughts on “Press Conference 4 – 28 August 2011

  1. Where are MQM goons , rizvi, kamal and others? In normal circumstances all the channels would be showing them right now. It seems that Scottland Yard has made some real progress in Imran Farooq’s case.

  2. One has to agree with Kamran Khan’s opening sentiments, that if ZM knew these target killers and other criminals were being patronised by MQM, then why did you allow them to join you in the Federal and Provincial assemblies and why did ZM not take action as Home Minister.

  3. حسن نثار چوہا – ایم کیو ایم کا تنخواہ دار ملازم ہے. ایم کیو ایم کی خاطر ذوالفقار مرزا کو کوسنا اسکی ڈیوٹی ہے

  4. The term FAILED STATE is often use by political commentators and journalists to describe a state perceived as having failed at some of the basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government. In order to make this definition more precise, the following attributes, proposed by the Fund for Peace, are often used to characterize a failed state:–

    1)- Loss of control of its territory, or of the monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force therein,

    2)- Erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions,

    3)- An inability to provide public services, and

    4)- An inability to interact with other states as a full member of the international community.

  5. Failed states list

    177 states were included in the list, of which 37 were classified as “alert”, 92 as “warning”, 35 as “moderate”, 13 as “sustainable”. The lowest 20 states are shown below. For the entire ranking see List of countries by Failed States Index. Change in rank from 2009 is shown in parentheses. There was a tie for 19th place between North Korea and Niger.[19]
    Failed States according to the “Failed States Index 2010” of Foreign Policy
    No Information / Dependent Territory

    1. Somalia (0)
    2. Chad (+2)
    3. Sudan (0)
    4. Zimbabwe (-2)
    5. Democratic Republic of the Congo (0)
    6. Afghanistan (+1)
    7. Iraq (-1)
    8. Central African Republic (0)
    9. Guinea (0)
    10. Pakistan (0)
    11. Haiti (+1)
    12. Côte d’Ivoire (-1)
    13. Kenya (+1)
    14. Nigeria (+1)
    15. Yemen (+4)
    16. Burma (-3)
    17. Ethiopia (-1)
    18. Timor-Leste (+2)
    19. North Korea (-2)
    20. Niger (+4)

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