3 thoughts on “News Beat – 2 September 2011

  1. First Altaf Bhai should come on tv with real quran ( it is over due) and say that ZM whatever said is not truth!!!???%% Don’t hide in hospital like NS.

  2. what i think people in pakistan and media are living in different world no one like their face in mirrow what i mean is that we thing other person should be angle and not want to change their own self ,last one week whole media and news paper saying same think about the Mr Mirsa that he is saying truth because he put the Quran so how about the people who do every day in Count so you think they say truth right ????……….
    First look for Mr Mirsa……. ,who he is , his whole life is in record but still people of pakistan still thing he is saying truth because he is saying against Mqm. that is …….

    Why people of pakistan are so against the Mqm that one of the big Rehman GANSTER friend Mr Mirsa is the hero ??????

    People of Mqm are not Angle but they are better the than rest of the politician ,please dont close you eyes because you dont like the reality of life ,In Karachi 85 % people belongs to mqm , people of pakistan have to except this reality otherwise you will see history repeat its self one more bangaldish…………..

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