2 thoughts on “Front Line – 5 September 2011

  1. Mr Kamran….Imran Khan has repeatedly answered your questions in your earlier shows and in other shows. What you want to prove by asking already answered questions? Your frusrtation, you can’t confuse him on the politics he beleives in OR your failure to prove Imran Khan is playing the same politics as the rest of politicians of Pakistan?

  2. The PTI and its leader are perhaps politically insignificant, but conceding space to such Ziaist propaganda has the potential to radicalize the nation, especially our youth. Fortunately, Mr Khan is not perceived as an American stooge he is seen as a Taliban
    apologist .It is not just the journalists embedded with the jihadists who are peddling nonsense. Among the politicians, Mr Imran Khan keeps outdoing himself in the craft of black propaganda. He has been stuffing people with this Goebbels-speak for years and, unfortunately, the western print media is one such avenue he uses to push his outlandish assertions. Mr Khan has completely glossed over the terrorist acts of the jihadists trained in the Pak-Afghan border regions.

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