2 thoughts on “News Beat – 5 September 2011

  1. Mr. ZM says that Mr. RM has become a National Security Risk !

    If that is true, RM days are numbered …

    Mr. Palejo says anti aircraft guns in the hands of MQM …

    Fareed Piracha says, ” PPP is involved in bhatta khori even today ! ”

    Irfan Siddiqi says, ” MQM wrote to PM of UK, and offered to SPY against Pakistan ”

    Dr. ZM deserves CREDIT for the DISCLOSURES !!!

    Pakistan must WAKE UP and CATCH the betrayers and Killers of innocent poor people !

  2. Rehman Malik has take security responsiblity of Zulfiqar Mirza, let me remind him, he had also the security responsible of Benazir, and RM left BiBi’s dead body behind and ran away from the scene, he also is also responsible for each and every Pakistanis (who are dying everyday, and living), and now he is talking about ZM’s security, that’s a joke. What you can expect from a clown?? For What MQM got anti-aircraft guns for?? Obiviously to fight with PAF means Pakistan, not with to fight with PPP or ANP who don’t have any fighter aircrafts.

    PPP waley are lairs, hypocrates and distorters of facts. Fareed Paracha asked serious question and topic is very serious, it is the matter of existence of Pakistan, and this Shergill of PPP is saying JI never won the election, just to divert the talk and not to give the striaght answers of Pareed Paracha’s genuine questions, right now elections winning ( we all know realality of that elections, which took place due to illegal NRO and 45% proven fake votes) and not winning is not important, Existence of Pakistan is on the stake.

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