4 thoughts on “Tonight with Jasmeen – 5 September 2011

  1. to Asma Jahngir president of SC Bar,
    Mendki ko zukam hoa.
    mind your status.
    paida hoa wakeel to shaitan nay kha
    lo aaj mey bhee sahib-e-Aulad hogea.
    this is 100% true
    To Mirza,
    A poor man became several hundred acors land,sugar mill 4 or 5 Luxurious bunglows
    the man who was selling tickets for VCR shows by 5 prs,
    take Mirza out of PPP,otherwise Mirza will take out PPP from the history.
    the leader of Land Mafia Occupied 20% of land in karachi,

  2. @gwaypaki :::
    If zulfiqar mirza is a land grabber, what about MQM? It’s been known that MQM is the most sophisticated and organized terrorist organization in Pakistan. And now its proven. Why Mustafa kamal was denying the Colindale Road office?

    Zulfiqar Mirza may be a land grabber but this is true what he showed. Think before you point your fingers toward anyone.

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