11 thoughts on “Front Line – 6 September 2011

  1. Orya Jan finally showing his true color by saying that Talbans are freedom fighters.Shame on you .People like you are worst than a swine.

    Kamran – Bravo for taking such topics.We need to talk about such things in this country.Keep it up.

  2. What is wrong with Homosexuality? They are here to stay, what are you going to do? Kill them all? Well you are killing you own anyway. Nothing new for you.

    Pakistani mentality about homosexuality is as disgusting as it is in India. I would never discuss or argue with them.Remember class system and untouchables in India was Kosher once.

    If I had no means to fly out of these countries, I would have walked and walked and walked, until I get the hell out of these countries. Freaking primitive species!

  3. @XXXPaki and Block did you guys really listen to the video?? Orya is clearly talking about taliban’s of Afghanistan. And please provide me a single verse, revalation or teaching of any religion in the world that allows Homosexuality, let it alone be Islam.

    Islam is Crystal clear about it and prohibits us from this Lottii act and if you read Quran you will come to know why those people were cursed by ALLAH.

    Common wake up and know your roots and stop abusing the status of Human Being as Ashraful Makhluqat.

  4. If Marvee defends and justifies an act prohibted in Quran, a spream code of conduct which guides the civil and criminal laws in a dominant muslim society then Marvee herself has become party to an illegal act and she needs to be dealt in the spirit of the same law that defends the sanctity of a muslim society.

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