6 thoughts on “Front Line – 9 September 2011

  1. MQM was never given the full authority to really Govern. So stop the smokescreen and don’t tell me that they were with the Government and they didn’t do anything.

    Its NOT going to work.

    For Pakistani mentality MQM is the best. I say it again MQM is the best for Pakistan. They are learning and they would get better in the future. If you push them to the wall they will react and fight back.

    I just want to see Pakistan remain peaceful and develop like a decent country.

  2. Brother durranee before you make your mind please research the the history of political culture of pakistan since pakistan birth . when your whole political culture is crupt then you see which one is less crupt among them . please dont make your mind only see the TV TALK SHOWS .its same story but only difference is now you can see on TV show before its happen in close door.if you what to change this country ,change your self first what we are doing now we assume that other person should be angel and didnt want to see our own face in mirrow .Please tell me which political party is angel in pakistan………………

    i have one question in all people in this blog, why all the shows ancher get angery after mqm confress if they were not bias last 12 days to their shows and highlight the news what they want to show to people same as CNN, FOX,ABC ,BBC News channels .
    MIRSA is acting same as cries dog and media is likes to show because underneath what want to put more patrol in fire . See the sep 9 hamid mir show and see their faces .No one innocent in this game ……………
    you want change come out your mimi boxes do some thing before making complain.did you do anything to your community ,dont denial the reality of karachi 2001 to 2007 .dont close your eyes because you dont like MQM.
    if you still live in dream world so go ahead try again just like they did in 92, 95 .
    for your kind information MQM is the only party worldwild .
    My muslim brother you want change educated the people of this country and
    teach them the patient .yes we have different political views ,its ok but dont close your eyes because you dont like the reality………………………..

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