4 thoughts on “Khabar Naak – 18 September 2011

  1. Excellent presentation. Congratulations to all of you. I enjoy watching Khabarnak from overseas. It reminds me of my childhood and my city Lahore. The artists we see in Khabarnak are great performers and have given a new lease of life to stage dramas. We must look after these artists as they are our assets. Geo has done a great service by bringing these artists on television and Aftab has done a wonderful job by carving a well knit team. It is our duty to share knowledge with those who are less educated. Seemab has also groomed well into her role and is doing very well. Good luck and continue the good work

  2. Aftab Iqbal Sahib a.s.a
    MQM is the most EVIL party in the world, why this party is not BANNED.Please compain against this party.Its 17th years ,party leader never been to Pakistan,how he can know street and peoples’ problems.M.Amjad

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