1 thought on “Jirga – 22 September 2011

  1. Good program. Saleem Saifi is one of the few journalists who are honest in their field. He brings in his program those participants who can give their views bluntly and fairly. Pakistan is at the edge now. There is a big “gadha” after that. It is right time to take action by Gen. Kiyani and his commanders. No body can bring good in this situation except the army. There should be technocratic goverment under the monitoring of army. The political parties are black mailing the army generals by saying that if democracy is wound up there will be chaos in the country. Their purpose is that army could not take action against them aur yeh corrupt mafia jamhooriat ke naam per khati peeti rahe aur awam ka khoon nichorti rahe. Retired clean army generals can associate with the technocrats. On- duty generals should keep themselves away from the government. Ayub Khan’s famous “ebdo” can be imposed on all the politicians and political parties.

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