12 thoughts on “Capital Talk – 24 November 2011

  1. The little girl, the Pakistani daughter, just not need schools but also need ‘good teachers’.
    There is a severe lack of a living role models.

    As I see around Every time they say ‘Allah will’ I feel that they are referring to another macho man, yes this is a male dominating nation. One or two women here and there on the shows doesn’t cut it.
    Do not believe me, just look around you will notice that domination and male chauvinism, the peacocks every where on the streets and on the net. The woman cannot walk freely without feeling insecure often get ridiculed for leaving their homes, their prison. May be the idea behind is to keep them as dumb and naive as possible.

    Conclusively,It is all about the male empowering phenomenon getting out of control, honestly very little for the sake of the country but scapegoating, sometimes in the name of religion and sometimes in the name of tradition that has ruined the country and ironically there are women that willingly give up their rights out of fear or out of jealousy.

  2. Don’t know what is the purpose of showing this girl again and again on TV
    She is not the only deserving or suffering girl in the Pakistan
    If her role models are Phoolan Devi and Obama then she is too immature to be interviewed

    If someone has got the brain he could see all the world is male dominated b/c it’s nature’s law

  3. This program is enough proof that next elections would be PTI vs (PPP, PMLN, ANP) aka status quo parties.

    Kashmala Tariq’s situation befitts the proverb “grapes are sour”. Se left PTI when PTI was at it’s lowest popularity and sat on a lap of dictator and now she is talking about her “principled” stance and criticizing PTI, shameless!!

    اور ایک اور بات، نون کو مشرف با کشمالہ ہونے پر بہت مبارکباد. آخر کر میں کے متوالوں کی منتیں اور دعائیں رنگ لے آئی. انشاللہ نون لیگ کے اگلے جلسے میں ٧٠ % لوگ صرف کشمالہ کے درشن کے لئے ہی آئیں گے.

  4. Someone with the better brains ignoring the fact that as a whole, the law of the nature is deliberately violated in some parts of the world than the other which may be one of the cause of the failure. It is not hidden, it is obvious. Lets not sweep the dirt under the rug.

  5. What a great proof !! PMLn and PPP are the twin cheeks of the same back side.

    PTI will sweep these Mafia_parties.

    Youth is with PTI!!

  6. “The government of Punjab has been concealing the actual number of infected people due to criticism from political opponents for its failure to immediately respond to the deadly disease,” – a provincial minister told The Express Tribune on condition of anonymity.


    Saad Rafique, I have given an example above for your persual. This would help you understand why people are flocking to PTI!!!

  7. ماشا الله — پروردگار پاکستان کے ہر بچے کو زرداری خصی اور بزدل ٹولے کے کی نحوست سے بچا کر رکھے اور تابناک مستقبل عطا کرے– یہی خوبصورت ذہنیت، پراخلاص اور منور چہرے پاکستان کا اصل سرمایا ہیں– جیتی رہو اور پرعزم رہو کامیابی خود دروازے پر دستک دے گی– انشااللہ —

    بزدل اور خصی زرداری ٹولہ نظام کو تبدیل کرنے کی بڑ ہانکنے کی بجائے ملالا کی نصیحت پر دھیان دینا چاہیے – اس ملک کو اچھے، سچے، دیانت اور امانت دار سیاست دانوں کی ضرورت ہے–

  8. Good show.

    All the participants have unanimously exposed the influential role of media to impose its own likings and dislikings. I agree with the argument, how “Suraj Mukhiyyey” sabik nazims, sabik MPAs and sabik Hawarees of Musharaf, who are joining PTI will help IK to bring about the change, he hopes for? With great desparation I am forced to say PTI launched itself with right ideology but seems to have lost proper track after accepting/showing willingness to ccept people like Mian Azhar (puppet of agencies during 2002 elections); Shah Mahmood Qurshi, whose grear great grandfather opposed Tahreek-e-Azadi; Taman, a fake degree holder and so many other sabak nazims and sabik MPAs. First of all We need to bring a change to electon culture that should encourge/enable middle class to participate in the political process as candidate not only as voter. These jaagirdaars, Khans, Peers consider us their mizaaray.

    Pakistan will only prosper when prople will stop putting titles like; Chaudary, Khichee, Taman, Syed, Mian, Gilani, Zardari, Qadree, Rana, Khawaja, Qureshi, baig, Rae, Mizaree, Khan, Bugti …………. before and after their nmes and start feeling proud of having an identity as Pakistani.

  9. I remember the show in which Imran Khan accused that “media ney paisa lekar mera jalsa nahi dikhaya” now PML-N abusing media that media is siding with PTI.

    Hiii hiiiii bechara Hamid Mir

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