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  1. ch nisar wonder ful pc it is completly reality and also salman shehbaz is very nice guy and he give very nice respond all medias persons and also mr imran ismail it is pml n pls pmln have need to puut up and show her lolaty with pakistani peoples and i have some questions if mian nawaz shareef and her faimly a very rich faimly of our pakistan it is not only illeagle money they are very genious faimly they are very hard worker very honest with her aim if imran khan are other peoples only put fingrs they have biz in pakistan and shareef faimly biz is growing in pakitan we need happy if a none political biz man grow her biz the goverment give regards him why not give mr nawazshareef faimly regad and i m realy proud nawaz shareef is son of pakistan he is hope of pakistan he hero of pakistan imran khan is also our hero but nawaz shareef is realy hero in all types like biz like principal politician like good behave like so kind he have many welfare programms many trust he is one of big trusty of pakistan for this we have need appriciate shareef faimly and i hope also imran khan very well know about shareef faimly and her welfare progrrams in pakistan mr khan have need to say sorry to shareef faimly and come to gether for oppose to this crroupt govt and also i ask to our media why they say only shareef faimly have lot of money ok they have they have biz long time what they want not grow her biz then theyare all happy it is not fair we need appriciate to shareef faimly and we need to learn some thing this nice faimly god bless you pmln it is a party of nice people s and good human being pls join pml n and save the future of pakistan i m from italia i m pakistani but isee only pml n is the one of out standing party nawz shareef is coming change and body other cannot change becaz imran khan have all heavy weights like shahid bhinder and many others every body know who is this what he do for her parties i know little abot mr shahid bhinde b4 he is in ppp then he is in pmln then he is in pmlq he want come back in pmln when pml n not accept this person he is join pti mostly poltician join the pti they have same story for this i want tell my all my pakistani nation they have need force imran khan he try to make only confusion only confusion he is try to only waste our force becaz pmln have a force like 60 prcent and now they using some force opposse the pti for this pti waste our force this my number in italia may be some body not understand he can call me and ask what i want say 00390238231608 god bless our pakistan pmln zindabad i salute all pml n voters supportes leaders and i want share with pmln they have need to make her party more clean wher they see any body is not ddoing well like any body is crroupt they need put the action about this person thxxxxxxxxx all pakistan ilove my country i love pmln i love imran khan i not love with pti bad politician they are very bad charcters they are all want imran kahn clean umbrella but imran not doing well this time becaz he give evry body her umbrela i hope understand me what i want say

  2. Mr. Nisar Ali is asking questions about Imran Khan assets.But he himself did not declare assets. Imran khan is not in ruling and he did not earn moeny from public sectors(normal people tax moeny).

    There shall be independent accountant sector to check assets and taxes.

    I shall request my pakistani people to take their decisions very carefully in the elections.


  3. Mr. Admin,
    You decided to upload Ch. Nisar’s press conference which was in reply to Imran’s Press conference. Please show some ethics and upload Imran’s conference as well. I hope you have the courage to do that.

  4. I really wonder if Nisar Ali Khan is a true Muslim or he is Muslim because he was born in a Muslim family, this scoundrel accuses everyone else but he never looks at his own leader who is stinking corrupt and who truly fleeced the country.
    Ch Nisar and his family is U.S citizen, he also made Millions when he was a minister in Nawaz Sharif Government and he owns expensive properties in Washington.
    People are not stupid, they know who is telling the truth, they trust Imran Khan and they believe what he said about his assets.
    I really like to see all corrupt politicians and their families are held accountable for their crimes and they are punished, we have a good example of Egypt and Libya.

  5. PML-N should stop talking and show some action by declaring assets. These parties have blundered billions in dollars when ecver they were in power.

    Imran Khan never held a public office and yet was first one to declare. No one can challenge IMRAN KHAN 2 achievements WORLD CUP 1992 and CANCER HOSPITAL. God bless Imran Khan and PTI.

  6. Imran Khan has done something unique. Others should follow suit and then talk and blame. Sharif brothers should show some guts and not use a proxy.

    A leader has to be transparent and that is what Imran Khan is! He is the second Jinnah in making and a God gift to Pakistan. The juggernaut is unstoppable.

    Long Live Imran Khan.

  7. People should not talk nonsense

    Ch Nisar does not have US passport
    His wife is US citizen like Altaf Bhigora’s ex wife,Kabbad Khan’s ex wife(UK citizens) and many more Pakis’ wives

  8. “Imran should have waited for end of Ashoora”. “I will not take as long as Imran”. Kiss ko keh rehay ho Niswar Khan? Your face and talk is as hypocritical and creepy as your party’s deeds.

    The mere fact that this pkpolitics put 40 minutes sermon full of crap from Mr. Bean and did not put Imran’s press conference tells you who is running this website.

    Imran is only major leader who is facing and answering all the questions thrown at him. Where are Nawaz Sharif and Zardari Hiding?

    This Nawaz Sharif’s maashki has few more months to enjoy this media attraction. In next election PMLN will be wiped out anyways. Then Ch. Niswar Khan can get clue from Nawaz Sharif to get some hair transplant and air his head a little bit.

  9. replicaa said:
    Mr. Ad===,
    You decided to upload Ch. Nisar’s press conference which was in reply to Imran’s Press conference. Please show some ethics and upload Imran’s conference as well. I hope you have the courage to do that.


    Dear it is pro pml-n site. they also post Bhati gate Jalsi of pml-n but not the 30 Oct Jalsa of Imran Khan.
    By doing such things they have lost the credibility and viewership.

  10. observers said:
    i uploaded comments but where have they gone ???
    why not loaded ?

    If you post any comments against pml-n it will not be uploaded.

  11. Why Imran Khan is wasting too much energy on N-League,this means he is helping PPP to win next election in Punjab only,then ISI will have chance to play with some parties to make alliance easly.Just a imagine Imran Khan do not have any resource of income how he pays off all his expense including his paty.it takes a lot to run party,Ch.Nasar knew about that money used in Lahore jalasa bu TI,Ch.Nasar might disclose in his next press conference,still more to come,it not over yet,IK is a inexperience in politics,if you play with old khungs then you know it what happens.

  12. I have tried posting my comments twice, I don’t know what is that you want me to write…
    send me a note I will copy and paste it.
    Please let this video link stay so people can see these jugglers………….Fake Leaders Than decide If they want to keep them or bring change In Pakistan.

    Please copy and paste in your browser

  13. block جی ویب سائٹ ٹھیک کام کر رہی ہے اور اپ بھی بلاک نہیں ہیں — خوش آمدید 🙂

    چوہدری نثار کی جے ہو بہت زبردست مگر بابر حیوان کا مقابلے میں دانشورانہ گفتگو کی ہے اب شہباز شریف بقول عزیزی انگل والے خادم اعلی، کے تمام اثاثہ جات کی پڑتال سکوٹ لینڈ یارڈ سے ہونی چاہیے تا کہ کوئی انگلی نہ ہلا سکے اور اگر گھپلے ثابت ہو جائیں تو ان کو خدمت خلق کو ہاتھ ہلا ہلا کر جاری رکھنا چاہیے کیوں کہ جیسے وینا ملک کی طرح ہمارے ننگے کھوجی لندن جا کر اعجاز منصور کا بازو مروڑ تروڑ سکتے ہیں تو سکوٹ لینڈ یارڈ والے کس کھیت کی مولی ہیں– میں عمرانی سیاسی مردانگی کو سلام پیش کرتا ہوں کہ ١٥ سال کی ان تھک محنت کے بعد اس کو یہ معلوم ہو گیا کہ اثاثہ جات کی نمایش کے بغیر پاکستان میں سیاست نہیں کی جا سکتی– آگے بڑھو عمرانی سرکار اب سب ووٹ تمھارے ہیں–

  14. تحریک انصاف کے تمام ” بلونگڑو ” کو معلوم ہونا چاہیے کے جب آپ اپنے کومنٹس میں کوئی لنک پیسٹ کرو گے تو آپکا کومنٹ ماڈریشن کے لئے خود بہ خود بلاک ہو جائے گا .. اور جب تک کوئی ماڈریٹر اسکو دیکھ کر اپروو نہیں کرتا وہ ویبسائٹ پر نظر نہیں آ سکتا

    دوسرا یہ کے سب سے زیادہ گالیاں اور بد زبانی / بکواس پی ٹی آی کے لوگوں کے کومنٹس میں ہوتی ہے اور سب سے زیادہ کومنٹس بھی یہاں پی ٹی آی کے لوگوں کے ہی ہوتے ہیں پھر بھی ہر انصافیا اپنے کومنٹ میں یہ ضرور لکھتا ہے کہ یہ فورم پی ایم ایل این والوں کا ہے اور یہاں پی ٹی آی والوں کو اچھوت سمجھا جاتا ہے

    مسلہ یہ ہے کہ عمرانی عاشقان چھوٹی عمروں کے چڑ چڑے بچے ہیں جن میں صبر اور تمیز نام کی کوئی چیز نہیں .. جو دھرنے خان کے سوا دنیا میں سبکو جھوٹا سمجھتے ہیں .. اللہ انپر اپنا رحم فرماے .. معلوم نہیں انصافیوں کا تب کیا حال ہوگا جب دھرنا خان اپنی قومی اسمبلی کی سیٹ بھی نہیں جیت سکے گا


  15. IK if NS’s economic reforms of 1992 were to help money launderers then why did you not put a motion in to change that law while you were the apple of Musharrafs eye? Why have you been laundering money under that until now? Why did you not mention this to Musharraf because he could have definitely used that against NS in the courts.

    Also, I would like to here from the legal experts whether that law allows is specifically for Pakistanis living abroad and earning abroad or does it also cover Pakistanis living in Pakistan but earning abroad.

    PMLN has taken up your challenge and is prepared to go to the court or a tribunal, so PTI are you ready to accept that challenge?

    Dr A Q Khan has written another article in the jang today and has said the same thing as most people that this fight between PTI and PMLN will only benefit other forces. You PTIers will wake up on the day of election when you will see how IK has played in to the hands of your mad advisors (HR)


  16. yr ye Ch Nisar is jst a senseless man…

    phr wohi questions kr rha hay jis ka IK nay detailed answer day dia hay boht baar…

    Bhai es Ch nisar ko koi bataey keh gift wali baat tu IK nay koi 500 baar explain ki hay..aur ye janaab phr wohi fazul question kr rha hay..

    ye shaks bol rha hay keh ye qoum ka prob nai hay…es say koi pochay keh citizens kay crores rupees say properties banana qoum ka masla nai tu aur kis ka hay..how silly he is..

    bhai jb nawaz sharif nay tax bachanay ka rule banaya hwa hay puray mulk main,wo sab may hi lagta hay…es leay IK per b wohi rule lagta hay.esi leay IK ka tax kam hay es saal..

    aur janab, world cup main sirk IK ko nai , sari team ko plots milay thay…plz correct ur info Ch Nisar Saab..

    ch nisar saab IK nay 70s n 80s main bahir paisay kamaey n bahir hi rakhay tu pak main tax ka sawaal hi nai paida hta…jb 2002 say wo apna paisa pak lay kr aya,us waqt say tax day raha hay…kia bachoon wali baat kr rehay ho Ch Nisar Saab.

    n overseas pakistanis r giving funding for PTI…itni tu info hni chaheya ap ko Ch Nisar saab..there r several videos on youtube showing IK collecting donations from overseas pakis for PTI in manchester,london, dubai etc..Even in “Khari Baat luqmaan kay sath” students show main sumone had donated 1 million rs for PTI…kam as kam wo prog hi daikh lu bhai..

    and more importantly is Nawaz Sharif a little child…why dont he face media…why Ch Nisar is defending NS…if Nawaz Sharif has some courage, he should come out from his mother’s lap and face media n awam…If he has a little courage he should come onair in front of all pakistani awam n should answer their questions…

    and this press conference has shown da same old cheap tactic of PMLN…IK has first given his financial clearance before exposing PMLN ….but this Ch Nisar is jst blaming IK without clearing Nawaz Sharif n PMLN financial corruption.

  17. We want to build a new Pakistan, a stable Pakistan with a more educated builder,
    I think about The Builder IMRAN KHAN
    If you disagree then please explain any other capable person.
    And why?

  18. Ch Nisar is not presenting his side of the story.

    if someone does corruption of a billion and pay tax a million, is this justified?

    people in Govt do corruption in such ways that is hard to detect.

  19. Ch Nisar Sahib

    Awam Jag uthi ha

    People are wise now due to media and education.

    please speak your side of truth, otherwise get ready for public justice.


  20. This press conference has shown da same old cheap tactic of PMLN…IK has first given his financial clearance before exposing PMLN ….but this Ch Nisar is jst blaming IK without clearing Nawaz Sharif n PMLN financial corruption.

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