11 thoughts on “Capital Talk – 24 January 2012

  1. One of the side topics Hamid Mir injected in today’s conversations:

    LAHORE: The Punjab Assembly has passed a resolution seeking a ban on organising ‘objectionable’ music concerts in private and public academic institutions.

    LAHORE: Three female students were crushed to death and many others injured in a stampede after a musical concert at the Alhamra Cultural Complex, Gaddafi Stadium, on Monday night.

    Does anyone know if “objectionable music” has some relevance with the stampede in Al-Hamrah Complex concert?

  2. @azizi

    The problem is not with any govt or institution alone, it’s in our society.
    Roads, parking places, railway crossings, bridges …. anywhere you go, people just don’t like to do things organized way, they don’t like queuing for anything.

    This “Objectionalble music” resolution thing is just a piece of paper and nothing else.

    No goverment or agency can controll the day to day habits of the people, until they decide to do it themselves.

    Start from a house, can anybody stop a smoking father not to throw cigratte remains on the road ?

    Can we stop spitting whereever we want ?

    Can we let the kids cross the road and stop our cars for a moment ?

    Can we start disposing the home wastes in a more organized way, instead of just throwing on the street ?

  3. come out of party shells, think of Pakistan’s betterment. Zardari and others are very matured that is why our country is in mess today.

  4. edcoym said:
    come out of party shells, think of Pakistan’s betterment…………….

    I guess you were alluding to my comment.Care to elaborate which party i belong to and how you arrived at that conclusion?
    I was just commending Imran for his move from extreme right (mullaism) to center right.
    His comments on Basant and Concerts made me think, he is not that conservative after-all.
    I do not have any party affiliation and never supported Zardari, but i have to admit I’m a fan of Aitzaz Ahsan.

    BTW:Your comment on Imran not been tested and hence can’t say anything good or bad is nonsensical.
    You will never be able to make up your mind about a new contestant in any elections.

  5. If half of the population starts dressing up like Mr ego man, we are on the road to success.

    “Me farristay kahan se le kar aaoon”. He did mention the threat from the collation of the Corrupts” How is he going to wash them clean? That would be a some Laundromat show, I hope they won’t drive him crazy and that’s with the jaali licence. Well there is a hope for everyone.
    The ego man has to promise that no matter what the outcome, he would not leave the field

    What is the alternative?
    Do you really want to hear Mr Altaf Hussain sing?
    Do you want to see the President Musharaf dance?
    Do you want to listen to Nawaz Sharif say “ALLAH KE FAZAL O KARAM SE” ?
    Or do you want Mr Zardari further fool you? Or.. well that’s enough

    Lets make the ego man, the Prime Minister. What you got to loose?
    The way things are right now, I wouldn’t take it for free.

  6. imran khan point of view on musical concert ban reflects the secularism in PTI policy and people who are talking abt the mis management in musical concerts……

    i think ban should be imposed on musical concerts.

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