Imran Khan Hugs MQM

Poll: How do you see Imran’s patch up with MQM?
Imran Khan hugged leaders of MQM at wedding of Arif Alwi’s daughter in Karachi and also received the warm wishes sent by Altaf Hussain. Imran Khan also informed MQM leaders that he has successfully controlled the lions (PMLN) in Punjab and hinted an alliance in next elections.

This move seemed impossible just a few years ago when Imran Khan’s launched his aggressive opposition against MQM after the carnage of 12th May 2007 in Karachi, where Imran accused MQM of killing his party workers. Imran also contributed in the movement for restoration of judiciary until 16th March 2009 against MQM & PPP and it is difficult to understand what made Imran Khan think that he could hug the people he claimed terrorists and murderers. At the same time, it is beyond understanding that the party (PMLN) that successfully resolved the biggest issue of Pakistan as claimed by Imran Khan just a few months ago has now become his worst enemy.

So many other questions comes to mind … like:

– Imran Khan claims that President Zardari is the root cause of the problems faced by Pakistan today but he hugs MQM that voted for Zardari as president and has been fully supporting Zardari’s government since 4 years in parliament and cabinet?

– What was MQM doing at wedding of Dr. Arif Alvi’s daughter in Karachi and how his son Dr. Awab Alvi would justify this latest move when he has been actively writing against MQM on his blog since several years?

– Would Imran’s possible alliance with MQM hit him with votes in Punjab where MQM has not been very popular?

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82 thoughts on “Imran Khan Hugs MQM

  1. Answer to 1- Imran Khan is a politician and not a school kid. He is trying to capture support in Sindh and making space for Himself in Karachi. Hugging a politician does not imply you support them. His main target is the current status of which Nawaz and zardari are a part off! MQM will not be acceptable unless they set aside terrorism.
    Answer to 2- Attenidng a wedding may be down to family ties. Nevertheless Mr. Shareef has been in alliance with MQM twice before. While he was in th government!

    Answer to 3: Imran is not selling keema-naan at his jalsa. People love him and support him for change. I am afraid they don’t give a toss about MQM.

  2. MQM leaders were invited to Dr. Arif Alvi’s daughter’s wedding. There was no secret meeting but they were guests and Imran greeted them…….

  3. پنجاب کے سرکس کے شیر کو قابو کر لیا گیا. اب اس کا ٹھکانہ لاہور کا چڑیا گھر ہو گا.

  4. Imran Khan now loves MQM that voted Zardari to be president and has been giving REAL shoulder to Zardari government from last 4 years.

    Bravo Imran Khan and PTI fans for supporting your shameless leader

  5. LOL!

    What was MQM doing at Javed Hashmi’s daughter’s wedding when he was in PML(N).

    Facepalm at the rubbish posted in this article. The front page like always proves again that it is controlled by PML(N).

  6. @insaftak,

    PMLN did not promise a million times on TV that they will take Altaf Hussain to court and hang him.

    Secondly, if Awab Alvi hates MQM and call them murderers on his blog, why he invites them to his sister’s wedding?

  7. I am a PTI member (pre 30th October) and I can’t really get over this as it is extremely disturbing to see Imran hugging Waseem Akhter.

  8. A shrewd tactical poll. There should have been another choice: “I support it if MQM denounces violence”

    In the current poll structure a rational and honest answer would be: “Don’t know”. This poll seems to be a useless rat race among the PTIers and Nooners.

  9. @Khan,

    Shouldn’t Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf first demand proper Insaf and let every MQM member face sentence against their crimes before hugging them?

    If Imran Khan says that corrupts of big parties be punished by the courts, then why not murderers face the same justice before being hugged?

    Why these doublestandards?

  10. salam
    there is certainly some sort of give and take going on between these two parties. mqm’s recent stance about siraiki and hazara provinces is an indication that they want to capitalize on this divide and if they get shoulder of imran khan who is already popular in those areas then it’ll be a boost for them there and on the other hand imran would like to gain something in karachi with mqm’s support.
    now it’s evident that imran khan has totally deviated from his stance which was based on certain principles. he has collected a garbage of other parties. his only focus is to win maximum no. of seats in upcoming election and he is willing to go up to any extent for that purpose. all his principles have been overshadowed by his current priorities. kaptaan u r disappointing ur fans.

    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis.

  11. I once heard Imran saying, “It’s not important to be in govt, the important thing is to be on principles”. So khan sb, by your own words Nawas Sharif has supported Zardari (i disagree with that) then hasn’t MQM supported zardari even more ?

    Imran khan targets Nawaz Sharif on 30th october in lahore, makes sense as he is his main rival in punjan.

    Imran khan targets Nawaz Sharif on 25th december in KARACHI and does not utter a single word against MQM, now this is absolutley rubbish. It’s an other NRO done between MQM and Khan sb. But the problem is, as Gorge Orvil said in his famous novel “The animal form”, he said and i quote “All animals are equal, but some are more equal”

  12. Imran Khan in 2007: Waseem Akhtar being the Sind interior minister is responsible for the innocent killings of 12th May
    Imran Khan in 2012: Imran hugs with the same murderer Waseem Akhtar.

    The biggest munafiq in Pakistan present politics = great Imran Khan

  13. rasheed said:

    PTI can hug everyone except nooner

    PTI will hug anyone including Nooners. This was a private function and not an official meeting.

    BTW, here is Saad Rafique hugging a party that allegedly murdered his father.

  14. @Qaiser Nadeem
    BTW, here is Saad Rafique hugging a party that allegedly murdered his father.

    Saad Rafique hugged with the murderer of one person i.e his father. But today your leader has hugged with the leaders of a party according to himself is the killer of thousands of innocent people.
    And during the so called private function great Imran gives a great news to Mqm that he has successfully controlled the lions (PMLN) in Punjab. Lol

  15. Bro everything is fair in love, war, and politic’s. If PTI win’s the election(which I am sure they will) they will have to run the country, not a kabbadi khana. So stop these childish statement’s.

  16. Qaiser saab
    Now if you are compel to compare Ik’s politics with other leaders then stop the crap that IK will bring the change in Pakistan. Like all other politicians, Imran is also a munafiq and iqtidaar parast politician and he is ready to go to any extent for the greed of power by changing his stance from time to time.

  17. Wasim Bhai,

    This was a private function where MQM members were in attendence as guests. Imran being a very close friend of Arif Alvi was one of “Maizban” so he greeted them.

    Don’t know how you reached a conclusion that by hugging an MQM member, Imran has committed a grave sin? His stance on MQM is still the same that they should get rid of their militant wing.

    BTW, by implying that all politicians are Munafiq and iqtidar parast, atleast you accepted that Mian Nawaz Sharif and his brother are Mian Shahbaz Sharif are hypocrites.

  18. A private function in which the leaders of only one political party i.e MQM were invited. A very well and planned meeting to bridge the ties. Lol

  19. Qaiser Nadeem
    How do u deny the news that Ik did not give statement that he has successfully controlled the lions (PMLN) in Punjab in this so called private meeting with Mqm. Were you present in the meeting?

  20. Wasim Bhai,

    Don’t dodge the question, I asked you how do you know that only MQM was invited?

    As far as the statement about “tigers of lucky punjabi circus” are concerned, you levelled the allegation, you should provide a proof.

  21. Aur woh apni nishaania khol khol kay bayaan karr dayta hai, kiaa ab bhi in ko kuch nazar nahi aaraha?
    Tou inn kay dill murda karr deay gaey aur inn kee aankhoon se roshni cheen lee gaee…..

    Will pti lovers still not see isi hand behind pti?

    Establishment kay ganday khel ne awam kee beenai cheen lee hai.

  22. کل تک الطاف حسین عمران خان کے بقول اس ملک کا سب سے بڑا دہشتگرد تھا اور اس پر دو سو چونتیس قتل کے کیسز تھے اور وہ تحریک انصاف کے کارکنوں کے قتل میں بھی ملوث تھا

    اب اچانک وہ شیطان عمران خان اور انقلابی بچوں کی نظر میں فرشتہ، ایک محب وطن اور معصوم انسان بن گیا ہے

    کیوں اور کیسے؟

    یہ اقتدار کے بھوکے سیاستدان تھوک کر چاٹنے کے عادی کیوں ہوتے ہیں؟

  23. خان صاحب کا ایک مشھور موقف رہا ہے کہ پی پی پی اور پی ایم ایل این پر جب کوئی الزام لگتا ہے تو وہ الزام کا جواب دینے کے بجاۓ جوابی الزام لگانا شروع کر دیتے ہیں.

  24. خان صاحب کے پاس بھی الزامات اور تنقید کے سوا کیا ہے؟

    نہ کوئی نظریہ، نہ کوئی پروگرام، نہ کوئی ویزن اور نہ کوئی منزل

    اقتدار کے بھوکوں اور مختلف سیاسی پارٹیوں کے ٹھکرائے لوگوں کا گروہ جو اسٹبلشمنٹ کی چھتری تلے اقتدار کی ہڈی کے حصول کے متمنی ہیں

    جس پارٹی کی مائیندگی جنرل مشرف کی ٹیم کے لوگ کر رہے ہوں اس پارٹی سے کیا توقعات رکھی جا سکتی ہیں؟

    ان میں تو اتنی بھی اخلاقی جرات نہیں کہ اسمبلیوں کی سیٹوں سے آستیفہ دیکر دوسری پارٹی جائین
    کریں اور نہ ہی ایسے لوگوں پارٹیوں میں لینے والوں کو کوئی شرم ہے کہ وہ کہہ سکیں کہ پارٹی جائین کرنے سے پہلے پرانی جماعت کی ٹکٹ پر جیتی ہوئی سیٹیں چھوڑ کر نی پارٹی جائین کریں

  25. مسلم ہے تو مسلم لیگ میں آ – دنیا کے ساتھ ساتھ آخرت بھی سنور جائے گی – مفتی رانا ثنا الله و مشاہد الله

    مسلمانوں کی صحیح نمایندہ جماعت کو تھپ لگا کر کامیاب کروائیں- بشکریہ

  26. Imran Khan ko Imran Zani aur Imran Kut* hai hai kehnay walay ajj Imran Khan se galay millay aur Imran Khan bardhay shauk aur dil se milla .

    Now anyone can see the real face of Imran Munafik and Imran Shaitan Ibleees follower.

    Thanks to Allah whose kept showing Pakistani People the real face of this legend.

  27. PPP has left nothing at all for jyalas to defend and now they are taking refuge under the PML(N) to spread half cooked controversies against PTI. They will all gang up together .

  28. The biggest surprise was not the buddy-buddy hugging of Imran Khan and those whom he has been terming as terrorists and bhatta-khors.

    More importantly, as had been alleged in the media before, Imran Khan for the first time acknowledged and thanked MQM for its support in making the December 25 PTI Jalsa in Karachi a success.

    And the arm-chair revolutionaries have been day dreaming about the public “popularity” of their inqilab based on the success of jalsas !!!!

  29. PTI gets ever more disgusting as each day passes.

    We have details of lies and propaganda against Marvi Memon by high-ups like Hamid Khan and Haroon Rasheed. I guess targetting anyone who disagrees with you is part of ‘new and clean politics’.

    I am all ready to accept that PTI may not have fulfilled its original promise of total cleanliness, and may bow to some realities. But these actions are simply too much.

    The PTI-ers claiming its just a hug need their brains checked. All reports are claiming more than just hugs, and its quite obvious that there is a certain closeness. PTI representatives keep asking what people would think about an alliance with MQM.

    What will most probably happen is that there will indeed be an alliance, and it’ll be given the cover that MQm has renounced violence. That’ll be a cover and PTI worshippers will claim it the greatest political victory since Mandela brought the Apartheid down.

    Simply brillaint.

  30. 46 percent of the lunatics here think it’s a sincere move by IMran Khan. SubhanaAllah. This is the reason this nation gets screwed each and every time. Just like Pipliyas worship Bhutto, PTI-ers worship IK. There’s no difference between the two.

  31. ایک اور الاینس تیار ہے
    رہنما تحريک انصاف جاويد ہاشمي کا کہنا تھا کہ دفاع پاکستان کونسل کا نام ميں نے تجويز کيا تھا اور دفاع پاکستان کے پليٹ فارم پر جاکر اپني پارٹي کا موقف پيش کرنے ميں کوئي مضائقہ نہيں

  32. why a big fuss over here, one fascist party hugging another fascist party, it is a marriage made in heavens. Basically two weddings happened that day, one formal and another in disguise 😉

    Immo-altaf bhai bhai
    yeh PMLN kahan say aaye

    taaza khabar aaye hay
    altaf hamara bhee bhai hay

  33. اس پول کی کامیابی کے بعد عمرانی بچے اپنے کومپیوٹر کے سامنے بیٹھ کر غصے سے پاگل ہو کر کہیں گے کہ کاش الیکشن انٹرنیٹ پر ہوں تو عمرانی تحریک کو کوئی شکست نہیں دے سکے گا
    اس پول اور مختلف فورم پر عمرانی بچوں کی صورتحال دیکھتے ہووے یہ اندازہ لگانا آسان ہو جاتا ہے کہ اگر عمران دودھ کو کالا کہے گا تو عمرانی بچے اس پر بھی لبیک کہتے ہووے پورے پاکستان کو گالیاں دے کر کہہ رہے ہوں گے دودھ کالا ہے یار

  34. Aaj ki taaza khabar;

    Pakistan-Tamasha-e-Inquilab (PTI) announced today that Mutahhida-Qatil_movement is from now on called and read as Mutahhida-Qabool-Movement. All the concerned people like fan-club members take note and start spreading their love with this former qatils in their web wars with people like najam sethi, marvi memon, ata-ul-haq qasmi, saleem safi et. al.

  35. For PML N and PPP supporters:
    Don’t you all remember the APC pact in London on 7th August 2007 shown live on TV where both big parties agree not to make any contact with MQM.

    Shame on PML-N and PPP.
    By the way, IK cleared it that he met them at a wedding not a party meeting.

  36. Imran Khan hugged Wasim Akhtar who is the main character of 12 May killing, and with Musharraf they were big hurdle in Justice, and now PTI is trying to have some ties with them, what a politics , its a shame full move by a leader who criticize on every one.

    Wedding parties are always part of communication and way of exchange message among politicians ,.

    I do not understand why PTI leader invites MQM in his daughter’s wedding ceremony , do he or PTI have some relationship with MQM ?, because in wedding, people always invite friends and relatives

  37. @aik pakistani,

    Do you remember that it was Imran Khan only who suggested a clause in APC that no one should make alliance with MQM?

    Secondly, this was not just any wedding, it was wedding of daughter of PTI’s Secretary General and Founding member Arif Alvi.

    Why was MQM invited to wedding hosted by PTI’s Secretary General in first place?

  38. Next time PTI will take Mian sb permission before inviting people to loves ones wedding. Or maybe Arif Alvi should learn from Mian sb as to how onw should arrange a daughter’s wedding!

  39. All pointless arguments by PTI supporters.No logical answers to questions raised.Imran has been calling MQM robbers,murderer and blackmailers.No what happened to imran’s idealogy.why he is compromising all his principles.what is difference between PTI and PML(N).why should i vote for imran?.

  40. Difference between PTI and PMLN, hmmm let’s see pti didn’t waste billions of dollars on botched yellow cab schemes, it didn’t steal nations wealth under the guise of qarz utaro mulk sanwaro, pti’s leader didn’t join politics to increase his wealth and business empire. Ptiks leader was not a CM of punjab under a dictator, pti doesn’t fawn to known qabza groups of Punjab. Pti hasn’t ruled punjab 5 times and failed to make an iota of difference in ordinary persons life. PTI didn’t bribe people with laptops to get votes, Pti doesn’t waste billions of taxpayers on its self projection in the media. Pti’s leaders sons and daughters are not ready to take over the party after its leader. Pti is not responsible for the deaths of 135 people due its leaders incopmpetence and coutless more due to dengue.

    And pti leader doesn’t go abroad for his check, he uses the same facility he build for the ordinary people.

    Without ever coming in power PTI leader has built a state of the art cancer hospital where poor are treat free of cost, he built state of the ary university which provides free education to the poor. Pti leader was 2 billion by the people of pakistan within few hours and he spent wisely on rebuildin of flood effecttees unlike some one who gulped down trillions in qarz utaro.

    Pti leader didn’t provide support to the same person he kept under arrest for 11 years for corruption.

    Now I think PTI leader deserves chance to prove himself as a PM of Pakistan. Why should one keep voting in the same corrupt lot who have ruled this country numerous times.

  41. @Qaisar
    “….Difference between PTI and PMLN, hmmm let’s see pti didn’t waste billions of dollars on botched yellow cab schemes, it didn’t steal nations wealth under the guise of qarz utaro mulk sanwaro, pti’s leader didn’t join politics to increase his wealth and business empire. blah blah blah…”

    why should I believe you that this will not happen when Tamasha-e-Inquilab win the elections (or “E-selection” where “E” stands for who should not be named 😉 ). For the last 15 yrs, IK has backtracked from every promise he made, whether it be supporting moshe or E or going against qatil movement or not taking any lotas or khotas or whatever. IK has no credibility or integrity left, he is ready to kiss anyone who can get him 2 more seats in next e-selections. I can guarantee that he will be making an alliance with chaudaries, qatil movement or even mussarrat shaheen in very near future.

  42. You are following a flawed hypothesis, why don’t you look at the ground reality and hard facts and statistics, PMLN has governed Punjab 5 times since ’85, what change have they brought?

    Imran never formed a government so how can he back track from the promises he made?

    If Lotas are a big criteria for your vote than you should never vote for PMLN who is known for Changa Manga and horse trading. Even today Punjab government is backed by forward block of PMLQ lotas. Mian Sb. invited a low level official like Adnan Kayani who never won an election of a Councillor to his Raiwand palace and kissed his hand and welcomed him to PMLN. The whole PMLN did a catwalk infront of Shah Mahmood Qureshi to pursue him in PMLN, he was all good until he joined PTI.

    Imran Khan is never tried so he must be given a chance to prove himself instead of trying the Sharif dynasty.

  43. @Qaisar
    I will not repeat your all blah blah again and again. I am not a member of PMLN but I was certainly a paying member of PTI until IK started his love making with talibanimals and man I was so lucky. If I would have definitely cried loud now that all I money paid to have a better Pakistan had been spent on recruiting lotas and khotas in prospect of serving a single arrogant man. PMLN never claimed to be angles but IK and his mentor HR definitely did. Promises are not made only when you are in power. Some promises gives you the character of the person. If some one claims that he will never be in bed with old tested politicians and then backtrack from his vow to get few presumed electables , then his integrity and honesty should be questioned no matter what his bacha jamhooras claim on the cyber war.

  44. So what if IK is meeting with MQM, its OK to talk with Taliban but not with MQM? why

    MQM is supported by large population of karachi so wts harm if IK and MQM can sit and sort out diff?

    This post showing typical dirty mentality of Punjabi Munafiq league….Sorry to say any Muslim league cant come up with such low level politics.

  45. @BechariAwam Sahab,

    Imran Khan and PTI started the paid membership in 2010 which was after the “Taliban-Khan” propaganda against him so I am not sure how you were a paid member even before the paid membership started.

  46. @

    What a comparison. You must hug your brother because he is your brother and you only have a land dispute with him.

    IK does not have a land dispute with MQM. MQM was called a terrorist party by Ik many imes on TV. He vowed to take them to court as he said they had tortured his workers in Karachi on may 12. He had actually gone to UK with tall claims and then what happened is in front of the whole nation.

    There is no comparison betweeen PMLN and IK. He is a tout of Mushy and ISI. He has discovered the love for MQM now after he has been taught his new lessons.

    Punjab is not a nationa of sleepers. They have been receiving dead bodies gift packed in gunny bags from MQM. They are watching that tall claimers (IK) are bowing down the terror myth of MQM whereas the LION of Punjab is still not willing to accept MQM in any way whatsoever.

    By the way why it has to be PMLN to initiate a move in National Assembly for the Baluchistan issue discussion in US Congress?

    Why new ambassador of USA is seeking time from NS and not getting it for long?


    When others are merely providing lip service it is PMLN that is hated by USA and Jews and RAW alike.

    Wakeup those who love Ik who is alreading travelling in chartered planes even before he came to power.

  47. Let’s say I accept that PML(N) is corrupt. but what is credibility of imran khan.He married to Jewish women.why does he not bring his children here and they go to ordinary school in Pakistan.How can i believe his ex wife that these children are being grown up according to Islamic teachings when I saw her pictures and scandals in news paper that she is in relationship with someone again.
    What about imran’s daughter from sita white.he should be punished for his relationship with a woman with out marriage.
    Imran khan is hungry for power.that’s why he is ready for licking foot of every dog.

  48. @Qaisar

    “Imran Khan and PTI started the paid membership in 2010 which was after the “Taliban-Khan” propaganda against him so I am not sure how you were a paid member even before the paid membership started.”

    Man, if that is true, then I have been ripped off big time. Following is an excerpt of my correspondence with Dr. Mazari in 2009 when Swat operation started.

    “Dear Dr. Mazari,

    After reading your article and the recent outburst of Imran Khan about the military operation in Malakand division, I am confused. Being a paid member of the party I deserve to get an explanation. You guys are against operation but are not willing to provide an alternate solution.The only words I hear are that there should had been more negotiations or used other options etc. What other options are you talking about. Aren’t Talibans fully exposed now when they occupied Buner district after the signing of NAR. Instead of laying down their arms they occupied another district. How you talk to those guys if they are not willing to accept the agreement already signed. What is the guarantee that they will now act on their words. Actions speak louder than words and their actions have already discredited my peaceful religion to a great extent. Please understand, I have high hopes from our party but if the leadership makes blunders after blunders, then I will have no other option but to relinquish my support for the party. In my opinion, leadership should act maturely and don’t take decisions in haste as done previously by supporting a dictator musharraf in 2002 or by boycotting elections in 2008, causing severe harm to party’s interest and position. You can just look a the recent IRI survey showing a very dismal situation for PTI, even though it was taken before the operation. I guess now because of the recent blunder, the party position among public will be even lower.

    Best regards,

    me 😉 ”

    And you guessed it right, I never got a reply and I quit the party soon after. Now don’t start picking on my words that now party is doing good etc against my predictions. I accept that because I could never have comprehended even in my wildest dreams that IK will take over all the political garbage just to get elected with the support of establishment.

  49. hishaam

    I am not a fan of Imran Khan nor I support his paty but you have no business to bring his family into this discussion.On one side you give lecture on morality and on other hand you yourself commit the most unethical and unslamic thing by draging somebody’s wife and children into this discussion.For God sake stop misusing Islam to prove your point next time.

  50. So what is the big deal, Nawaz Sharif went to Altaf house in London and kissed him at the cheek, Choudhries hugged Altaf, JuI had meetings with MQM, ANP invited and had dinners with MQM leaders in Karachi : —
    So what if Imran Khan said few good words about MQM.
    The matter of fact is that PML/N, PML/Q ANP, JUI, Jamat Islami and other political parties are terrified of Imran Khan Sonami. They are all wetting their pants, Shalwars and Lungi and I like that .

  51. Question of the day is that if in future PMLn gets enough seats and it only needs to make an alliance with MQM to form a government, would PMLN refuse to make an alliance with MQM?

    Heck no, PMLN was ready to make a Grand Alliance with MQM last summer when the streets of Karachi were filled with blood. PMLN has no problem making an alliance with ANP who is equally violent and destructive in Karachi.

    In this video, Pervaiz Rashid Sahab, Khawajah Saad Rafique Sahab and Ishaq Dar Sahab are meeting Raza Haroon, Wasim Akhter and Haider Abbas Rizvi of MQM to make a grand alliance in July 2011 when violence in Karachi was at it’s peak.

  52. @Qaiser
    The point which is very hard for fan club to understand is IK was himself announcing qatil movement as a terrorist group and its leader as murderer and vowing to bring him back to face murder trials just an year ago. What fundamentally has changed in last 6 months that IK is now forced to hug them. What’s the guarantee that his “well-left” terminology will not become a standard rule in his presumed govt and he starts embracing every corrupt/criminal/gangster based on the well-left rule.

    BTW can IK promise that once he forms govt he will formally help Scotland yard to continue pending investigations against the charges he framed against pir ji. Presently whenever he is asked question about that he says it is because of PPP who stopped Scotland yard by not providing them access to records in Pakistan. We all are waiting for the reply without ifs and buts. Just saying Yes or No will suffice.

  53. No matter how much I try to convince myself to support Imran, he does dubm things after every few days that makes me think twice. There are few things that really bothers me about him:

    1) This guy need to first learn to talk with respect when talking about his opponents. He is teaching his supportesr to speak the same foul language and when the other party talk in the same tone, his party gets offended.

    2) He needs to stop attacking others and tell the world what is his agenda to fix all the issues. So, far we have just heard rhetorics no clear plan of actions.

    3) He got to stop flip-flopping.

    4) He is accepting every Tom, Dick and Harry from the opposition parties but yet critcize those parties.

  54. Bechari Bhai,

    Gross hyperbole and sheer damagogeury won’t help you in damaging Imrans popularity.

    Did imran back down from the world cup, did he back down from the Cancer hospital, did he back down from Numal college, did he back down after spending 16 years in political wilderness? No he did not, his philossphy is that you lose when you quit and he ain’t a quitter, even his detractors know that and that’s is what they fear in him.

    In politics taking one step back means readjusting your strategy and preparing for a full on attack and it never means quitting.

    Jazakallah for the letter, you are akhri chattan of principles and morality in Pakistan.

  55. @Yar Qaisar

    You guys are looking more and more like PPP now a days. Whenever someone ask you some valid questions, you start parroting credits from past stuff which is completely irrelevant to present job IK is seeking now. Its like PPP guys replying every question with shaheedoan ki party mantra to dodge the question. But as you know people are street smart more than you can imagine and they understand all this flip-flopping. Thanks a lot for the good words about my character. I will also appreciate if you can point out where I exaggerated about stuff or which statement is not true. I hope you understand we live in youtube world 😉

  56. Come on guys. This is hardly any patch up. He just hugged them due to courtesy being a guest at some place where MQM guys were guests too. You are reading too much into this.

    Imran Khan is brutal when it comes to justice and merit. He didn’t even allow his own elder cousin Majid Khan any favour, how can you expect him to give in to these MQM ghundas.

  57. Imran and his paty people are CRAZY stuff. They are arrogant (even before coming to power) and worshipping IK as a Sacred leader which he is absolutely NOT.

    He is so arrogant that he does not have manners to sit in a decent gathering of people. He already has started thinking of himself as PM and behaves accordingly.

    NS has been alleged for many things but IK has already started travelling on a chartered plane both locally and abroad. If he has so much money, morality demands that he should STOP begging the whole world for donations for his hospital.

    Besides the day dream that his followers are seeing these days is that by meging mushy men and Q league absconders and PPP dissdidents, he would bring the change.

    What a leader and what followers.

    Let me remind the forum. The so called sonami of IK is already dying on the brink of Ravi. People have realised his thinking and seriousness about CHANGE with all the corrupts of politics.

    Yes he is running a laundry for corrupts of Pak to come become clean after his washing.

    I think establishment has now given birth to their thrid son,
    First was Altaf.
    Second Choudhry Shujaat
    Now thrid is IK.

  58. These poll results are definitely surprising. I was expecting that the PTI tsunami would flood the site with its multiple ID’s but what’s this 50% against and 45% in favour yet PTI makes tall claims about attracting the majority of computer literate Pakistan.

  59. everyday i find ten reasons for not supporting PMLN in the next election and one for not joining PTI but some how that one reason always outweighs the ten. That is PTIs dilema. they manage to offend people so much that wast majority of us just continue t support PMLN despite all its shortcomings. My sincere advice to PTI workers is to reclaim their party from Mush etc

  60. سعد رفیق نے جب اپنے باپ کے قاتلوں کو گلے لگایا تو عجیب سا لگا، لیکن اب بات سمجھ آ گی ہے. مسلم لیگیوں نے اقتدار کی خاطر اپنی ماں تک کو نہیں چھوڑا

    چوہدری پرویز الٰہی گوجرانوالہ کے لئے امراضِ قلب کے ایک ہسپتال کی عمارت چھوڑ گئے تھے لیکن اب فقط عمارت ہے۔ خادمِ پنجاب نے اس کے مستقبل پر مہر لگا رکھی ہے۔ تب یہ کھلے گا ، جب وہ اقتدار سے رخصت ہو چکے ہوں گے ۔ کئی بار گوجرانوالہ میں مسلم لیگ کا امیدوار ایک ایسا شخص رہا ، جس سے ایک المناک اور دل خراش واقعہ منسوب ہے ۔ ہزاروں شہری جس کے چشم دید گواہ ہیں ۔ 1964 ء کے صدارتی الیکشن میں، فیلڈ مارشل ایوب خان اور محترمہ فاطمہ جناح مدّمقابل تھیں۔ ان صاحب نے محترمہ کے خلاف انتخابی مہم میں جو کچھ کیا اس کی بعض تفصیلات اس قدر اذیت ناک ہیں کہ لکھ نہیں سکتا۔ بیٹے جب ماں کی تذلیل پر اتر آئیں تو کیا اس کی تصویر کشی ممکن ہے؟ موصوف کے فرزندِ ارجمند اب ان کے جانشین ہیں اگلی بار نون لیگ کے ٹکٹ پر وہ ایک مردِ شریف کے مدّمقابل ہوں گے

    ۔ میں ان کا نام نہیں لکھ رہا ۔ لکھنا ہی نہیں چاہتا ۔ البتہ نون لیگ اگر انکار کرے تو عرض کردوں گا

  61. @
    Qaiser Nadeem
    موصوف کے فرزندِ ارجمند اب ان کے جانشین ہیں اگلی بار نون لیگ کے ٹکٹ پر وہ ایک مردِ شریف کے مدّمقابل ہوں گ
    Please clarify who will be this Mard e Shreef as written?

    Besides who says that if some one had (no name mentioned) opposed Miss Fatima Jinnah in election, then his son is also to be blamed? What is this criteria by any respect?

    However we know that IK has been a Staunch supportter of mushy and had been running right left and center for ensuring mushy’s success in his bogus referendum. By merely appologizing later when the promised PMship did not come his way, he does not become pawitter.

    Now after accepting all the mushy team nad Q leaguers in his fold, he is again proving that he is still in LOVE with the dictator and soon the nation will find out the hidden relations between him & ex dictator.

    By the way the chnage that IK had promised has started showing its truth. He is flying all over the world in CHARTERED planes yet for the hospital he begs the whole world.

  62. Qaiser Nadeem said:
    سعد رفیق نے جب اپنے باپ کے قاتلوں کو گلے لگایا تو عجیب سا لگا، لیکن اب بات سمجھ آ گی ہے. مسلم لیگیوں نے اقتدار کی خاطر اپنی ماں تک کو نہیں چھوڑا
    aab aap log kuch mature ho jao………………..

  63. @qaisar
    Hopefully deep inside your heart, you also don’t believe on these funny and flimsy accusations and just trying to express them due to “bughuz-e-Mauvya”. I didn’t realize HR has now accepted “original sin” theory in which descendants are also responsible for the sin of their ancestors. It looks like IK and party are now under the influence of currently catholic Jemima khan teachings 😉

  64. Itnay tarlay kernay kay baad bhi Imran Khan ki support waisi ki waisi hi hai aur din badin berti ja rahi hai.

    Hai Allah Muslim Leagi ab kya karain,

    MSF ka nya Na’ara:

    Pehlay MaaN (Madar Millat) baichi thi, Ab baiti (Maryam) baichain gay!

  65. Bechari Bhai,

    I thought you were the first drop, along with other drops Shahid Qazi, Mohabbat Khan, Akhtar Dar, Osama Rana.

  66. Premature launch of PTI by their masters is now becoming a failure. Sunamy of change has already been exposed to the masses of Pakistan.

    The baloon has already lost a lot of its air.

    My sympathies to the jiyalas of PTU and IK.

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