20 thoughts on “Khari Baat – 14 May 2012

  1. If Imran Khan has any problem with anyone including Haqani he should respond intellectually instead of doing gali gloch. Imran is unhappy with Haqani as Haqani said courts do not punish terrorists. This is true, courts do not seem to have punished any terrorist in a long time. Why is Imran sympathetic towards terrorists?

    Who is Imran to declare anyone Ghaddar? If Haqani has broken any law Imran should go to the Azad Adliayya instead of becoming judge and jury himself.

  2. Yaha u r screwed up. u need enough sleep to listen the program.

    Imran sadddda shaaair hai baqqqi haaaair phaaaair hai.

  3. One thing is proven that PTI supporters are as brain dead as Imran Khan. None have any intellect to argue with…and this fanatic Imran is a candidatet for PMship. At least Gilanai is not a pagal fanatic like Imran. When choosing between two evils one has to see Gilani as a lesser evil.

  4. Yahya! I agree with you. These IK fans are just like IK himself. No arguments. Just accusations on others.

    Allah iss mulk ko bachaye, the new generation coming, is very less dense with “thinkers”.

  5. I agree with yahya. These damn pti supporters have no brain and no answers of certain question but abusing when some cross questions being asked.

    They dont have answers why imran does not speak against musharraf and mqm and why their supporters like mubashar luqman and hasan nisar supporting them since imran change his stance on mqm.

    imran was a obsessed person , look his videos when he talks against mqm, musharaf and sheeda talli and now he totally change his stance , in last one or two year he changes his stance many time so you can’t trust this man in future.

    As well as corruption concern , he never got chance to govern this country, so we are not sure how his team will be different.

  6. @Haroon-ur-Rashid,

    Yes, but your talk would be senseless as hell that you will be beaten by people around you rather than getting repeated coverage on TV and millions of viewers!

    Secondly, you would pee before thinking you could repeat the World Cup victory, SKCMH, flood relief, Namal University, etc.

    And the same applies on your dumb leader Nawas Sharif, who is a total idiot except for his corruption money on which basis he can pretend “leadership” and buy people.

  7. @pakistanisooch,

    Imran Khan has never changed his stance on any important issue, except for his support for Musharraf (without taking any political benefits!) which he acknowledged publicly!

    Shallow and dumb people can’t understand that Sheeda Tulli and Q-league are no more an issue. They are not ruling Pakistan. It is said that the greatest Jihad is to speak against the corrupt ruler, not any corrupt tom and d!ck!

    MQM has never been a central issue of Pakistani politics. They are a regional issue and would be dealt by a strong independent government. 12 May was a special case in which they were involved in terrorism against judiciary movement in support of a dictator and Imran tried his best to get the terrorist AH convicted, but it soon became evident that as long as we have corrupt rulers we can’t persecute smaller criminals.

    On corruption, War on Terror, no-compromise-for-power, and other such issues, Imran Khan has been the only leader of Pakistan after Jinnah to show steadfastness and consistency.

  8. @Pak1stan1,

    I don’t know how many U-Turns do you need. I will not resort to claiming language like SOB for your leader.

    1- Supported military takeover of 12th October 1999

    2- Supported disposal of constitutional judiciary in 2000, which included 17 senior judges including CJ Saeed-uz-Zaman Siddiqui

    3- Supported PCO of 2000

    4- Supported War of Terror in 2001.

    5- Supported Referendum of Military General in 2002.

    Afterwards ..

    – Imran Khan supported Nawaz Sharif in 2007 in APC and called for his return to lead movement against General Musahrraf. This was followed by many combined jalsas with NS in UK.

    – Imran Khan joined Nawaz Sharif in movement for restoration of judiciary.

    More U-Turns …

    – against Musahrraf, first supported then against him
    – against PMLQ, called them true opposition
    – against MQM, called them murderers and was core issue for almost 2 years, later become non-issue and called Altaf Hussain as big leader
    – against Zardari .. called for civil disobedience against PPP and PMLN in 3 months on assets issue later backtracked

    Let me know if you need more

  9. @rasheed

    I’ve come to the conclusion that we will never be able to dissuade PTI supporters with the use of facts. Let them support Imran Khan. Let them deem him to be devoid of U-turns. Let them consider him to be the only honest leader left. Let them think of him as the last hope for Pakistan. Let them be convinced that the Lahore and Karachi jalsas indicate that PTI will sweep the general elections. Let them be happy at the PPPs success if it comes at the expense of the PML-N. Let them derogate Nawaz Sharif’s role in the successful long march in March 2009 which achieved its only objective, i.e., to restore the judges–without the need to go all the way to Islamabad. Let them think that Chaudhry Nisar is an idiot and Hamid Khan is a representative of justice. Let them call us fake Pakistanis (because we don’t support Imran Khan). Let them call us Nokkers. Let them call us supporters of N@#$% league … and much more.

    There is no reason for us to waste our energies on dissuading them.

  10. Imran Khan is dumb. He keeps repeating the same things over and over again. He doesn’t even know that Tsunami is a name given to a tidal wave that *destroys* everything in its path. If that is the ‘change’ he wants to bring to Pakistan, thanks but no, thanks !

  11. @Rasheed,

    If you keep lying repeatedly, I will have to call you a liar. Then don’t complain.

    Yes, I will definitely call a “leader” who came into politics at the back of dictators, did corruption, took money from ISI, strengthened his business by using power, mony launded billions into foreign countries, etc, a “S.O.B”.

    On the other hand, if Imran did any of the above, then you have a point.

    As for your allegations, you don’t know the meaning of “U-turn” I think.

    Let me tell you what “U-turn” is – it is Nawas Sharif boycotting elections three times from the APDM platform and then taking a U-turn to participate in the same.

    It is Nawas Sharif making cases against Zardari and calling him corrupt and then making him his brother and vowing to support him even if whole PPP leave him – an astonishing U-turn!

    I can give you more DEFINITIONS of U-turn but I think the above will suffice.

  12. I have already clarified the Musharraf support by PTI.

    This is the only case in which PTI shifted its view and publicly recognized its mistake. However, while PTI support Musharraf, it took no benefit or ministry. It is not like Nawas Sharif who was propped up by military dictators and then licked their till the later demise.

    – You say PTI supported Musharraf’s takeover – the whole country did, the whole political class did. In fact, it is better to say that no one was in a position to oppose Musharraf’s takeover when Nawas Sharif government was one of the most hated government ever in the history of Pakistan, a government that was attacking judiciary PHSYICALLY, a government which has bankrupted Pakistan, a government kidnapping journalist and persecuting political opponents, a government involved in blunders like Kargil – a COMPLETE and UTTER failure, that is!

    So Imran Khan should have stood for a such a corrupt, judiciary-attacking government?

    This was the situation, Rasheed. So Imran Khan was in no position. Even judiciary compromised with Musharraf.

    Imran KHan only supported (without taking any political benefits) Musharraf for his promise of changing the system and ridding Pakistan of corruption. The support was solely based on this and when Musharraf reneged, Imran turned down his support and started struggling against the dictator when your Nawas Sharif was living in the comforts of Jeddah after beseeching pardon from the general and striking a deal with him.

  13. @sharpsaw,

    Don’t be ironic. You are not in a position to. After all, you support a corrupt businessman!

    This is so damning that it strips one of decency.

    The only reason for certain people support to Nawas was the fact that they considered him the lesser of the two evils – the other being PPP. That he was an evil himself, was never in doubt.

    In the presence of a clear cut better option in the form of PTI, I cannot fathom a person who is aware enough to know the current political situation and still support these corrupts.

  14. @ashrafr,

    He says the same thing again and again because he is consistent.

    The dumb here is you my dear brother who can’t understand him.

    For example, the issue about Tsunami, he named his movement Tusnami precisely because he understand Tsunami more than a person like you will ever in his whole life. He named it precisely because Tusnami is bigger than a flood, flood being a figurative expression to refer to a movement – i.e., “flood of people”.

    This is a Tsunami of people! Tsunami against the corrupt system!

  15. Ilzam Khan is correct to call the sudden headline hogging of his 16 year old party as “tsunami”.

    Tsunami is always caused by an earthquake.

    The earthquake in this case was appointment of Gen Pasha as ISI chief.

  16. @Adonis,

    Ehsan Iqbal in disguise. I am so happy you dropped on this thread, as I will assassinate you (rhetorically speaking).

    The followers of a “leader” who was born in the lap of Gen Jillani and Zia-ul-haq and suckled on their feeders must be devoid of any shame to point fingers on others regarding agencies.

    You leader has been a pimp of agencies and fed on the leftovers of generals, a quintessential illegitimate product as far as politics is concerned. With this face, how can you taunt PTI regarding Pasha?

    Now the earthquake was the 30 Oct Jalsa, which have driven sleep away from the corruption kings at Raiwind and Islamabad. The resulting Tsunami will destroy them completely. Inshallah!

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