2 thoughts on “Khari Baat – 16 May 2012

  1. ہمیں امن ،انصاف ، روزگار چاہیے ، غیرت ، شریعت کے لیہ افغانستان چلے جاؤ

  2. just see what news anchor is asking and what Gillani is answering?? She is asking “Aam” Gillani is answering “Imli, same decietful policy (aur hathkanday) which PPP has adopted to lie and deceit to media, anchor said look in my eyes (don’t lie). Karzai, Zardari and Gillani no different a bit, so situation are same in these countries.

    Mr. Shiekh Rashid,why our 80% peoples want to go abroad? because of our “hukumran’s na ahayli” who don’t provide them basic necessities of life at affordable rates, plus no jobs, no electric, no gas, which is making more and more people unemployed plus every year 10 lakhs people get ready to get jobs, it is our government’s “nalaiqi” that today $ 1 is equal to 90/= rupees, not it is due to governments abroad.

    Gillani, get Pakistanis visas, none of them want to live in Pakistan under your (zardari + gillani) damn corrupt, deceitful and history cheater government, Gillani visa is stopping them, nothing else.

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