9 thoughts on “Khari Baat – 17 May 2012

  1. Where is Imran Khan now? As soon as Army agreed to NATO supplies, Imran also backed down. Proves that Imran Kahn is another stooge of the Army. Now let’ see how PTI blind fans refute this, short of abuses of course.

  2. @yahya,

    Oh you blind fellow, Imran Khan has condemned this decision and said it is an anti-Pakistan decision.

    Announcement of protests has been made when the supply lines will be opened on the ground.

    Imran cannot be a stooge of the agencies because the agencies can give him NOTHING! He has everything – fame, money, respect – what could army give him possibly? It is corrupt leaders like Nawas and Zardari who need support from outsiders and have to make political fathers iether out of army or America.

  3. pti is a cyber fascist party , and the defination of cyber party is they dont talk rationally but just blind faith and dont listen any arguments.

    so it is useless to argue with pti fans.

  4. @ Yahya

    Nice to see your comments. 🙂
    Why have you stopped commenting on Discuss section ? Blocked ???

  5. @pakistanisooch,

    We better be fascist against corrupt crocodiles and their paid stooges on these forums.

    No sympathy, no leniency!

    However, I am always open to a rational argument if you have one.

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