14 thoughts on “Khari Baat – 28 May 2012

  1. Four Idiots!

    Finally HR put himself where he belongs. These four are an absolute example of yellow journalism.

  2. A visible race between Hassan Nisar & Mr Haroon to prove who is closer to Imran. With due respect, none of them enjoys credibility of being honest, upright and immaculate. Most of them have personal agendas and issues with one or another leader.

  3. A visible race between Mr Haroon and Mr Nisar of being close to Imran. Unfortunately, none of them enjoys credibility of being honest, impartial, upright & immaculate. All of them have their personal agendas and issues.

  4. four gand of journalism. I am sure we can clean our society by eliminate these four munfiqs from journalism. what a great combination of opportunists and black mailers.

  5. Dear SA,
    This is a mind set (like you have) need to be change, if we can not bare or listen other opinion, we label them without understanding. Listen gentaly if you not agree no problem, atleat listen and debate.

  6. I am sure these four idiots do not like each other at all. It’s only their personal agenda (enmity of N-League) which is putting them together in one program. But I must say HR is an ultimate loser who initially had some credibility. As far as other three are concern they are established hypocrite.

  7. The Four Pillars of Corrupt Journalism in Pakistan and they are in a mood to preach ! It makes you want to throw up !!

  8. میرے خیال میں ہارون رشید صاحب صرف پی ٹی آئ کے لئے ہمدردی حاصل کرنے کے لئے دھاندلی کا شوشہ چھوڑ رہے ہیں جس کی ضرورت نہیں ہے

  9. Mr, Luqman this programme for PTI for public purpose,
    Be4 election which not seen on earth now a day. and blame to AZ and NS etc
    Kuch Kuda ka Khoof kar janabe aalee.
    Gibet or Bohtan se bachoo and bring evidence on media o/w keep yr mouth closed.

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