6 thoughts on “Khari Baat – 13 June 2012

  1. Mubashar Luqman and Meher both were a sold out commodity in this program other Mubashar would have been grilled this lier by exploiting his hundreds of weaknesses.

  2. Mubashar was a minister in Musharraf’s caretaker setup. He openly supports Musharraf, Altaf Hussain, Imran khan and now latest entry Malik Riaz Hussain. Now you can easily understand whom he works for. They are trying to kill our last hope “Judiciary and Media”.

  3. Indeed it is a sorry state of Pakistani journalism/media that twice Malik Riaz said he was “sacrood” (screwed) and no one cut the footage. The media needs to update its English.

  4. lol at screwed….OMG y they did not censored it, other day i some1 was saying “Sh***t in some political show….:P

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